When you find Bobby’s body, you’re moving down a hallway and then BAM there it is. After you leave the common room for the first time, the Mysterious Girl pops up right in your face. It turns out this was orchestrated by Nicolas to try to freak you out and get you to stop exploring the ship. Mundane Utility: Machete, Big Knife and Long Axe can be used for disembowelling strangers in your way or for cutting slabs of meat down to size. This is actually quite useful if your inventory is nearly full and you can’t afford to take the entire chunk of life restoring meat. A Nazi by Any Other Name: President Hayes and the NGO who want to take control of the wasteland by force and exterminate the mutants. The sheer number of posts about social awkwardness, shyness and the excitement they display over fandom developments is staggering. All Issues Are Political Issues: You can find long tracts analyzing pretty much anything, even a character’s hair length, articles of clothing worn, or the arrangement of the colors used in a particular logo, in terms of their political undertones. Particularly notable examples can be seen in the social justice sphere, where many things not normally seen as political can be used to incriminate a series on the basis of having offensive implications.

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