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moncler coats for men The tan moncler outlet prices coat was a ready to wear item that I purchased. The gray and white coat is one that I made myself. I didn’t buy a sewing pattern to make the gray and white coat. I just traced the tan one!I’m sure there are many ways to trace patterns from existing items of clothing, but this is how I do it. You do not have to moncler outlet woodbury damage or take apart the original garment in any way. It’s great if you have an old favorite that’s wearing out, or if you just want to cheap moncler sale make something in another color. In this instructable, we are going to be tracing each individual piece of the garment, one at a time, until we have a full sewing pattern.I have actually never used a commercially made paper sewing pattern. This is how I get all of my patterns, unless I draft them myself. Considering how expensive patterns are, I have saved quite a bit over the years that I’ve been sewing! If you start with a finished garment, you will have a good idea of the way it will fit you, before you uk moncler sale even start constructing it. And you have so many styles and sizes to choose from. there’s probably something perfect in your closet right now!I should probably note that I was holding a camera with one hand pretty much the entire time, and trying to get really clear pictures for you guys. I wasn’t focused as much on getting everything as smooth and flat as possible, and some stuff would wrinkle while I shifted it to take a picture from a better angle. I hope nobody hangs me for that. :pStep 1: Things You Will NeedYou will need:A garment that you want to duplicate. Make sure that you’re happy with the way it fits. You can do minor adjustments, such as making the sleeves a little longer, but the overall fit should be as perfect cheap moncler jackets womens as possible. A large piece of paper. I use those large white pieces of packing paper that sometimes come in boxes I get in the mail. I have also used paper grocery bags that I cut open, and sheets of junk mail that I taped together. I have used newspaper as well, but I don’t recommend it because it’s a bit more fragile, the ink can rub off onto your garment or fabric, and the printing makes it harder to see the marks that you make when you trace your clothes. You could also use butcher paper or the back side of gift wrapping paper. A padded surface. I use the carpeted floor of my sewing area. If you don’t have a carpeted floor, you can use a large piece of cardboard, or get a big sheet of foamcore board moncler outlet sale from the art supply store. In a pinch, you could also use an ironing board with a padded cover, but it’s a little too small to spread stuff moncler online store out very efficiently. Straight pins. They should be fairly long and thick. A fine point marker. A ruler. Faster than moncler outlet using a pin, and especially useful if you will be doing a lot of tracing. A compass. A french curve ruler.Look at the garment and identify the different pieces cheap moncler jackets mens of fabric that make up the garment.Place the garment discount moncler jackets on top of the piece of paper, and flatten out the first section that you want to trace.Anchor the fabric piece down along the seam lines, so that it lies flat. I moncler womens jackets just stab pins all the moncler sale outlet way through the seam, through the paper, and into the padded surface. Do not stretch the fabric, but do make it smooth and flat. Don’t worry about the rest of the garment; just move it out of your way. Hold the pin straight up and down, and not at an angle. Make sure that you’re not moncler uk outlet shifting the paper or fabric during the process.Also use the pin to mark any buttons or pockets that are located on the piece you are tracing. Poke the pin right through the holes on the button, and all along the stitches on the pocket. Buttonholes can simply be moncler outlet store drawn through with a pen.When you have marked the entire piece, take out the pins that are anchoring the garment to the padded surface. You will see that you have duplicated the pattern piece onto the paper, by perforating the paper with the pin.You can also use a needlepoint tracing wheel to perforate the paper, instead of a pin. The tracing wheel has pinpoints sticking out from the edge of the wheel, and it’s quite a bit faster. If you have one, you would use it by basically rolling it carefully along the seamline like a pizza slicer. You can get a good one for under $10, and I uk moncler outlet highly recommend them if you think you’re going to be doing a lot of pattern tracing. But I used a pin for years, and it worked fine. ; )Step 4: Finish Drawing the moncler sale PatternNow take a fine point marker, and connect the dots. You can use a ruler for straight lines, but most clothing patterns have very few lines that are truly straight. If the line of perforations curves slightly, make sure that the line you draw curves right along with them.Label the pattern piece! If you don’t know exactly what it should be called, make up a name that makes sense Moncler sale to you. Or assign a number to each pattern piece, and place a corresponding numbered label on each piece of the garment so that you can figure out which piece is supposed to go where.Now look at the piece of the garment that you just copied. Which way is the grainline going? You should be able to see the threads that make up the fabric, and the direction in which they are running. It’s cheap moncler jackets important that the pieces of the new garment have the same moncler outlet online grainline as the old garment, or else it won’t drape the same way. Usually the grainline runs pretty much from your shoulder moncler sale online to your knee, but look closely at the piece of fabric you just copied to see exactly how it was oriented when it was cut out at the factory. It helps to lay a ruler on top, and match up the edge of the ruler with the fabric’s grainline. Draw a line on the paper pattern piece best moncler jackets that corresponds to the grainline on your garment, and write “grainline” on the line so that you remember why it’s there.If you will need two identical pieces to make your garment, such as you would with sleeves, then write “cut two” on the pattern piece. That way, when cheap moncler coats mens you are ready to cut the pieces for your moncler usa new garment, you will remember to cut one sleeve out of your fabric, then flip the paper over (so that you have a mirror image of your first sleeve), and cut another moncler coats for men.