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moncler outlet store New technology could allow disabled people to control their wheelchairs with their minds (Image: Getty)Get daily updates directly to your inbox SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!A computer translates their brain activity into real time operation of the wheelchair, offering moncler womens jackets hope of restoring mobility for severely paralysed patients.The wireless brain machine interface (BMI) works by picking up cheap moncler coats mens pulses of electricity emitted by electrodes implanted inside the cortex, a brain area responsible for movement and sensation.The robotic chair could revolutionise life for those with severe disabilities who are unable to use a conventional joystick.People who are paralysed could regain a sense of freedomNeurobiologist Professor Miguel Nicolelis, of Duke University in the US, said: “In some severely disabled people, even blinking is not possible.”For them, using a wheelchair or device controlled by non invasive measures like an EEG, a device that monitors brain waves through electrodes on the scalp, may not be sufficient.”We show clearly that if you have intracranial implants, you get better moncler outlet online control of a wheelchair than with non invasive devices.”In the study his researchers implanted two rhesus monkeys with multi electrode arrays that allowed wireless recordings to be made of their cortical neurons.The animals were then seated in a robotic wheelchair and passively observed its movements as it navigated around a space, in order to train a computer decoder.Read more: cheap moncler sale World’s first mind controlled robot wiggles its fingers with the power of thought(Image: National News and Pictures)The monkeys then attempted to navigate in best moncler jackets the wheelchair, using the wireless BMI system, from cheap moncler jackets one of three starting positions to a target location, where the grapes had been placed as a reward.The researchers found the BMI was capable of translating the monkeys’ brain activity into directional movements in the wheelchair in order to complete discount moncler jackets the task.And, over time, the monkeys improved their ability to navigate in the wheelchair, which may have been mediated by changes in their brain structure in response to training.Prof Nicolelis said the he interface, described in the journal Scientific Reports, shows the future potential for people with disabilities who have lost most muscle control andThe experiments began in 2012, with hundreds of hair thin electrodes implanted in the pre motor and somatosensory regions of the brains of two rhesus macaques. They trained the animals by passively navigating the chair toward the bowl of grapes.During the training phase, the scientists recorded the primates’ large scale electrical brain activity.The researchers then programmed a computer system to translate brain signals into digital motor commands that controlled the movements of the wheelchair.Prof Nicolelis said that as the monkeys learned to control the wheelchair just by thinking, they became more efficient at navigating toward the grapes and completed the trials faster.The researchers also discovered that the monkeys’ brain signals showed signs they were contemplating their distance to the bowl of grapes.Prof Nicolelis added: “This was not a signal that was present in the beginning of the training, but something that emerged as an effect of the monkeys becoming proficient in this task.Read more: BBC develops mind controlled television remotes to make changing channels even easier”This was a surprise. It demonstrates the brain’s enormous flexibility to assimilate a device, in this case a wheelchair, and that device’s spatial relationships to the surrounding world.” moncler outlet store.