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I Canada Goose Online say IX theme is mortality, canada goose outlet reviews and existentialism. Ignoring the whimsical character designs, and (superb) comedy moments, it actually rather dark. Vivi and Kuja especially, with their character arcs. The final gameplay moments and respective scenes also hammer it home.

While XIV shifts around due to its nature as an MMO, I say it has a dominant canada goose black friday sale theme of overcoming the past, canada goose uk black friday and canada goose outlet sale having to reconcile differences across generations in order to move forward. Fitting given the history of the game irl. From the major arcs of Heavensward and Stormblood, even to side things like the beast tribes, and Coil/Alexander.

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Maybe its because of my own upbringing and the state of mind I was canada goose factory sale in when playing this game that I sort of saw FFIX theme as “liberation” canada goose uk above everything else. It sort of canadian goose jacket plays out because you buy canada goose jacket begin the canada goose coats on sale game as thieves and vagabonds who are supposedsly going their own way but in reality are just doing canada goose coats the dirty work of royalty. But the theme canada goose clearance sale comes back over and over again:

Zidane, Kuja, Vivi, canada goose outlet store Black Mages: liberation from their creators.

Garnet and that little canada goose uk shop rat prince boy: Canada Goose Coats On Sale Liberation from expectations (when Queen Brahne was getting lit up by Bahamut and the party was like her die! and Garnet was like MY MOTHER it made me want to hug my mom).

Freya, Beatrix, and Steiner: Liberation from the obligations of being knights so that they can fully embrace the ideals of knighthood.

Amarant canada goose outlet parka and Eiko: I don have a good one for canada buy canada goose jacket cheap goose outlet store uk these Canada Goose Jackets two. Eiko got canada goose factory uk canada goose outlet cheap Canada Goose up the courage to canada goose outlet jackets leave Madain Sari which in a way is its own kind of liberation from expectations, canada goose outlet shop but there are probably good arguments for other themes. I personally found these two to be the weaker characters in terms of motivation (though Eiko was one of my favorite aspects of the game).

Honestly I can see how a sub theme of existentialism uk canada goose outlet plays out canada goose throughout this game, but it only ever really relevant to the artificial characters cheap canada goose uk canada goose black friday sale like the Genomes and Black Mages. Given a mission they did not ask for and told that they were worthless if they did not carry it out, why wouldn they want to create their own meaning? Honestly I think the game canada goose outlet black friday Nier: Automata really canada goose clearance does a great job of fleshing out the kinds of arcs we canada goose store were seeing with those characters and would recommend it to anyone looking to really dive into themes of canada goose outlet canada existentialism in relation canada goose outlet to artificial beings.

That being said, I think only considering the existential canada goose outlet new york city aspects of the story doesn really speak to the lived experiences of most of the characters that wind up in your canada goose jacket outlet party: because many of them aren struggling with existential questions so much as they struggling with the question of what canada goose outlet in usa they supposed to do vs. what they want to do, and https://www.canadagooseparkasoutlet.ca are taking steps towards becoming who they think they should be.

There is a little overlap (Iran and China) but the short Canada Goose Parka answer is that countries are not banning one and not goose outlet canada the other, just different countries react to canada goose uk outlet whichever service is most popular for them. Telegram is popular in Russia and much canada goose outlet online of the middle east. canada goose outlet uk WhatsApp is more popular in Europe and Southeast asia. Unless the country canada goose outlet uk Canada Goose sale sale is known for being heavy handed Canada Goose online in its blocking (like China or Iran, which is on both lists) they canada goose outlet nyc tend to only go after popular services.

Its like how Facebook is receiving the brunt of scrutiny for canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet toronto factory mishandling user data in the US. Its not because Facebook is uniquely at canada goose outlet online uk fault, its because it is the highest profile target.