parrots have personal tastes in music

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cheap moncler HANOI, Sept 27 (Reuters) Vietnam economy grew moncler sale an estimated 4.73 percent in the first nine months of this year from a year ago, slowing from the 5.77 best moncler jackets percent annual expansion in the same period last year, the government said on Thursday.Vietnam economy has grown at a slower pace this year as the government tightened lending standards in the early months of the year to help control inflation.Banks battling bad debt also slowed loans to keep their books clean, putting pressure on businesses seeking funds for expansion.Annualised economic expansion in the three months ending September accelerated to an estimated 5.35 percent, from 4.66 percent in the April June period, the General Statistics Office said in a report.nine month economic growth is reasonable under the circumstances. The country has been focusing on fulfilling the 2012 annual targets giving priority to curbing inflation and stabilising the macro economy, the report said.Inflation this month reached 6.48 percent from a year ago, the highest in three months, and the monthly consumer price index also posted the fastest growth since May 2011, rising 2.2 percent from August, government data showed.Vietnam economic growth could reach an annual rate of 5.5 percent over the whole of 2012, while annual inflation would be kept at 6 percent, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung was quoted earlier this month as saying.Fitch Ratings has forecast Vietnam economy will grow about 5 percent this year, compared with 2011 5.89 percent. (Reporting by Ho Binh Minh; Editing by Eric Meijer) cheap moncler.