President Bush, asked about military spending cuts at a news

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cheap nike air max 95 August 30, 1991By Mark Matthews Mark Matthews,Sun Staff CorrespondentKENNEBUNKPORT, Maine Bush administration officials are reviewing the status of arms agreements with the Soviet Union as the headlong rush of reform there both advances prospects of deeper arms cuts and raises anxiety about future control of nuclear weapons.With reformers friendly to the West solidifying power in Russia, some experts in and out of government say that previous concepts of a Soviet strategic threat and of the need for deterrence may be outdated.President Bush, asked about military spending cuts at a news conference yesterday, said: “I do think that out of this change in the Soviet Union, if we handle it properly and if things keep going forward instead of slipping back, there’s an opportunity for a vastly restructured national security posture.””But it’s way too early way too early to get into that,” Mr. Bush added.For now, however, events in the Soviet Union have thrown arms control into confusion.President Bush and British Prime Minister John Major said yesterday that they want to make sure, as Mr cheap nike air max 95.

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