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Dan Lepard’s green apple and spinach goo cake recipe

Within this recipe there’s a story you can tell your children about how the ingredients in a simple cake are more magical and complex than they may seem. All the ingredients are cleverly transformed in some way when we heat, cool, whip, or simply mix them. For example, natural food colours Bicester Village Prada Refund such as the vivid green from cooked spinach, gives the crumb of this simple apple cake an alien glow. Chunks of apple and cream cheese help the crumb to stay soft and moist without the need for too much fat or sugar. And the baking powder and eggs turn this lumpy green gloop into a light delicate cake to suit even the most demanding judge. It’s quick, fun and best of all, easy to make with any little hands that want to help.

Green apple cake

For the spinach goo150g baby leaf spinach2 tbsp water3 tsp vanilla extract

For the cake2 medium apples75g unsalted butter, softened100g cream cheese175g caster sugar3 medium eggs200g plain flour1 tbsp cornflour2 tsp baking powder

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