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The Way You See It


Teddy Sheringham for England? That’s what Ron Atkinson argued for last week – and, judging by our postbag, many of you Are Prada Handbags Cheaper In Italy support him. “I totally agree with Big Authentic Prada Handbags Canada Ron,” says Rob Smyth. “Without Sheringham on the Black Prada Doctor Bag bench, England have no get-out clause if they are one down with 10-15 minutes to play. He’s done it so often for United in the last two seasons. What’s Keegan going to do if things are going wrong? Bring in a half-fit Heskey? The man can’t even hold himself up, let alone the ball.”

The ‘Big Ron good, Keegan bad’ thesis is also supported by Matt Craven. “Keegan’s devotion to old experienced heads is in no way consistent,” he says. “Ince and Seaman are in, and yet Sheringham misses out despite scoring regularly and offering something Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Philippines else to the cause. Fowler has hardly played, Heskey is useless, so why is Sheringham excluded?”

However, not everyone thinks Atkinson is perfect. Graham Carnaffan remembers that “as a manager, he himself was quite the pathetic, poxy suit-wearing proto-typical 80’s boyo Authentic Prada Vitello Daino who stood for glamour, huge transfer fees and flirtation with disaster every time he opened his mouth, very unlike Keegan.”

But Andrew Liney enjoys Atkinson’s column. However, he’s a bit disappointed with the lack of Big-Ron-isms. “I would love to see him write about back-stick spin runs, or Beckham dinking one in and Yorkie giving the keeper the quick little eyebrows before slotting it in,” he says. Maybe next week, eh?


So far you haven’t exactly been flooding us with your England teams to face Germany. But to start the debate rolling, here’s what Richard Clayton thinks:

“For the Germany game I think the main decision to be made is (again) whether Beckham starts on the right and tucks in or begins in the middle and ventures out to the wing occasionally to cross. I would choose the latter. The choice then is between Wise or Parlour in my book and visit, on form again, I’d opt for Parlour after his Lazio second half.”

Richard’s team (4-4-1-1) is: Seaman; Dyer, Keown, Adams, Le Saux; Parlour, Gerrard, Beckham, Barmby; Scholes; Owen. Anyone disagree?


But why concentrate solely on the Germany game, when – according to Antti Lassila from Helsinki – we should be more worried about the Finns?

“The present Finnish team is by far the best Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware we ever had,” he says. “Hyypi? is Authentic Prada Fairy Bag Sale a true leader at the back, and has developed an excellent partnership with Tihinen in the All Prada Nylon Bags centre of defence. In midfield Litmanen, in peak form despite being frozen out at Barcelona, plays a Rui Costa-style free role, Best Prada Outlet Italy orchestrating fluid passing moves. And up front Forssel and Johansson are young, skilful, fast, hardworking and both natural finishers as proven in English leagues.

“With Kolkka from PSV and Nurmela from Heerenveen both natural wingers, and the rest of the squad being hard-working team players well capable of man-marking the Authentic Prada Handbags Online Australia England stars, the Finnish team is well balanced, and tactically clearly superior. I am looking forward to a major result and another step forward in the Finnish quest for football glory.”

And another painful step back for Kevin Keegan’s England, perhaps?

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