The Joy of Six: pitch invasions

1) Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers, 12 July 1979

This is now officially the worlds largest anti-disco rally! Now listen C we took all the disco records you brought tonight, we got em in a giant box and were gonna blow em up reeeeeeal goooood. Steve Dahl, 1979.

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Bill Veeck loved a baseball promotion. As owner of the St Louis Browns, he had Eddie Gaedel, a 3ft7in man with dwarfism, come to the plate as a stunt in 1951. As owner of the Chicago White Sox, he introduced an exploding scoreboard in an attempt to tempt a few more punters to Comiskey Park. So when the White Sox decided to promote their double-header against the Detroit Tigers on 12 July 1979 with a Disco Demolition Night C in which punters could gain admittance to the game for 98 cents if they brought a disco record to be exploded in the interval between the two games C there were no more than a few raised eyebrows.

This was the age of Saturday Night Fever but as Donna Summer and co ruled the airwaves and club nights, a backlash movement had begun. Angry at the way disco had marginalised his beloved rock and roll in Chicago, Steve Dahl, C a local radio DJ C was made MC for the evening and entered the field of play after the first game, which the Tigers won 4-1. Having collected the fans records, he paraded around the outfield atop a Jeep, clad in army garb, whipping the crowd into a frenzy before igniting the fuse to a skip full of disco.

Centre-field disappeared! There was a crater in centre-field! It was unbelievable, said the White Sox outfielder Rusty Torres, who was also subject to a storm of records hurled from the stands in the first game. The explosion sent the record shards flying across the pitch and acted as a starting gun for fans to descend from the stands.

The White Sox typically played in front of about 15,000 that season but with Dahls call to arms seemingly striking a chord, some reports claim that 70,000 clambered through and Biggest Prada Store London over the turnstiles into the 44,500-capacity stadium that evening. As many as 7,000 are believed to have taken to the field, as batting cages were destroyed and fires were started. Home plate Baby Prada Shoes Uk was dug up, fans openly drunk whiskey, smoked marijuana in the team dugouts and one vendor, Barry Rozner, who had his ice pops stolen, said he was pretty sure I saw two people having sex behind third base.