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Miracles, history and garden vegetables keep fans on sofas

What a finish. It took 83 minutes before Clive Tyldesley finally mentioned the 1999 European Cup final in Barcelona, but he did not disappoint those of us playing Clive Tyldesley bingo. “Seven more minutes,” he noted. “Manchester United didn’t need that long.”

This may have been intended as encouragement for Liverpool fans watching at home but probably succeeded in making them glummer than they already were. Clearly it is the broadcaster’s job to keep the viewers on board by suggesting the big dramatic finish is just around the corner. The last thing he wants is customers flipping over to The Apprentice, or to Britain’s Worst Teeth on BBC3 (tempting, very tempting), but Tyldesley’s increasingly desperate suggestions that we might be Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa in for another Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa Istanbul or Barcelona seemed to be clutching at straws on an evening proceeding with the inevitability of a Greek tragedy (this, interestingly, was one of the few Grecian references I never heard a commentator come out with).

The constant mentions of Liverpool’s comeback Authentic Prada Handbags Wholesale in the 2005 final only served to reinforce that impression. Unlike then, Liverpool dominated the first half last night and yet still went into the interval 1-0 down to an unfortunate goal. Their nervy performance in the second half, and Milan’s growing confidence, will have persuaded those of us who have Authentic Prada Handbags Canada watched a few football matches that this was not going to be one of those nights.

The commentators’ talk of miracles in other European capitals in previous years was intended, one assumes, to keep the once-or-twice-a-year crowd pinned to their sofas. It was, of course, a night for history, what with the final being in Athens, a capital bristling with Black Prada Chain Bag history, as both ITV and Sky never tired of reminding Best Prada Outlet In Florence us. “Upon whom will greatness be bestowed tonight?” said Richard Keys, sounding a little like Jones Minor being called upon to read some poetry to the class.

ITV, meanwhile, had hired a proper actor, Clive Owen, to recite some overblown quasi-poetic guff over a backdrop of Athens’ historic monuments. It was full of lines about “the city of gods and heroes”, Milan trying “to heal the mental scars of 2005” and “when the Istanbul dust has settled” and so on.

Stirring stuff, the effect of which was slightly spoiled by pundit Kenny Dalglish following it with “I don’t think it’ll live up to expectations” and winning this year’s British bathos award. It is always a high-risk strategy including Dalglish in your panel of experts, as his mien is that of one who has just lost a beloved family pet – or worse – in a tragic road traffic accident, which somewhat negates the effect of all the cheerleading going on around him. It is also not always easy to follow what he is saying, for those of us not familiar with the rhythms of Glasgow, and I write as a former student at Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Philippines the University of Strathclyde.

Sky chose the better Liverpool European Cup veteran in Graeme Souness, one of the few pundits to add something to coverage of a match, and in fact the satellite broadcaster won all round in that department. When a big match is being covered by Sky and by terrestrial television – I noticed this on FA Cup final day as well – Sky does offer a genuine alternative, providing more hardcore football talk, as it were. This was particularly noticeable after last night’s match.

While ITV was looking for shots of sobbing Liverpool fans, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray were paying tribute to the part played by Filippo Inzaghi in Milan’s triumph. “He ran his socks off replica prada mens wallets,” said Gray. “He has made the difference tonight,” agreed Tyler.

ITV, I suppose, has to cater more for Bicester Village Prada Discount the general Authentic Prada Fairy Bag Sale viewer, which is probably why in its preview, in among the car and mobile phone ads – all of which, incidentally, seem to be voiced by Sean Bean or Stuart Maconie – there was Black Prada Doctor Bag an intriguing advertisement for a dog food, including only “fresh meat, garden vegetables and wholesome pasta”. Why would you want to feed your dog “garden vegetables” – and they did look appetising – when the creature is only going to go out and stick its nose in another dog’s faeces? It’s a puzzler all right.

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