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The canada goose jacket canada goose uk shop outlet cost to replace old software exceeds almost ANY expenditure in hardware research.

Think about it: canada goose outlet parka today, buy canada goose jacket cheap you can Canada Goose online still buy new hardware that runs IBM 360 cheap canada goose uk or Burroughs B5500 code, both platforms about 50 years old. People would rather keep those designs around rather than touch their software.

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Latencies are of canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet online course extremely variable, so I were just speaking in canadian goose jacket general terms. Most locations canada goose outlet sale around the world just don have a 22ms AWS server, which IMO should be about the maximum tolerable for Canada Goose Online real time applications (games, art, etc). up to 80ms is probably fine for CAD though.

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A few decades in processor design is basically forever. It certainly make monopolies/oligopolies pretty much inevitable, and stifles innovation to canada goose outlet uk a large extent.