It’s surprising that a veteran performer like Ed O’Neill

Don you think it time for a break, let the younger generation handle it. We did. The No So Big of Alleyne: though persons imprisoned now based on mandatory minimums triggered by judicial fact finding might hope is a new jurisprudential key to freedom, a host of doctrices may ensure very few new imprisoned persons get much benefit from For starters, the retroactivity doctrines of Teague and may make it hard for those long ago sentenced to get their Alleyne claims even heard in court. Moreover, the harmeless error doctrines of Cotton and Recuenco may make it easy now for judges to say, even in those cases in which the issue can still be raised, that any Sixth Amendment error was harmless..

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The state also is getting an additional $5 million in grants, including $1.65 million to make safety and accessibility improvements to the Cherry Hill Transit Hub in South Baltimore, which connects bus and light rail service. Improvements include an expanded bus waiting area, a lot for riders being dropped off at the station, and a well lighted and upgraded station plaza..

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But in courtrooms around the country, prosecutors are also sweeping up low level dealers who are addicts trying to support their habit, as well as friends and family members of overdose victims who bought or shared drugs with the deceased. Some critics of the prosecution tactic say these users need treatment, not harsh prison sentences..

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It certainly wasn’t hard to argue with the shelf load of expected nominations for “Modern Family.” There was some speculation that only one or two “Modern Family” actors would get nominated, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara all got nods. It’s surprising that a veteran performer like Ed O’Neill didn’t get a nomination, but perhaps next year his great work as “Modern Family’s” Jay will get recognized..

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