Your feelings of anxiety and worry are totally understandable. Honour your feelings and acknowledge them. But don’t stay stuck in your negative feelings. My health continues to improve, and my brush with death seems like ages ago now, although I still have the obvious limitations to deal with. I continue to get stronger mostly due to my new found faith in exercise and body building. I had a wakeup call about a year ago when my back went out for the nth time, only this time I wasn recovering. Next time you hit a brick wall, don’t attack head on. Don’t ever try that. I promise it is painful. Achieving strategic alignment is a major undertaking for anyorganization, but it is worth the effort. When there is unity and alignment,the energy of the entire enterprise is focused on those priorities that resultin the realization of the vision and the successful execution of the businessstrategy. When an organization is truly aligned, not only will the businessgoals and financial performance improve, employee satisfaction and fulfillmentwill also reach a new high. Just felt I made the type of changes I need to and it the right time for someone else with new energy and vision to take over, Jordan, 68, said Thursday in a phone interview.He announced his retirement to the Metro State University community at Thursday annual Welcome Back Breakfast. Jordan retirement will become effective June 30, 2017.He arrived at the university in 2005 just as the school wanted to make strides in attracting and keeping students, especially the growing population of Hispanics.just saw it as an opportunity, since we saw the demographics of the state shifting and we knew we were in a unique position to do something about that, he said.Jordan spearheaded the effort of achieving Hispanic Serving Institution or HSI status by 2018. To be considered HSI, 25 percent of a university full time students need to be from Hispanic backgrounds.

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