Upcoming Meridian jailbreak with cydia and substitute

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6. Giveaways cannot require more than comments for people to canada goose outlet jackets be eligible.7. Do not buy/sell devices here. At the time IIRC canada goose canada goose factory outlet uk canada goose he expressed the opinion that there was no sense duplicating efforts by getting Substitute working only to have to canadian goose jacket repeat and possibly discard the effort whenever substrate is available, and that Substitute requires some rework of some tweaks to attain compatibility whereas substrate canada goose outlet toronto factory https://www.canadagoosejackets7v.com is established goose outlet canada and a known quantity. (Ben if you read this and I misrepresented you in any way, sorry and please feel free to correct me!)

So if this has all canada goose store changed (I not read his tweets), then I be interested to know what has shifted his opinion, maybe the theory that was floated on this subReddit yesterday that Saurik has canada goose jacket outlet hit some bigger bumps or outright roadblocks official canada goose outlet on the road to developing a workable kkpless substrate has some truth to it after all?

For Canada Goose Coats On Sale my two penny worth I really interested canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet new york city only in jailbreaking for UI refactoring (fullforce or manual tweakage of plists via Filza to get full screen on iPhone apps rendered properly on iPad); Whatsapp native on iPad (been using this with whatspad for years); ad blocking, porn blocking and malicious redirection blocking; flipcontrolcenter, TSSsaver, nolowpowerlock, mobile terminal and Liberty so as to avoid my AppStore apps being any canada goose black friday sale the wiser that I jailbroke in the first place. If these can be accomplished with Substitute then I all for it. Substrate might need an extensive and time consuming design/code/test cycle, and who knows, maybe Saurik has an actual life to live that isn exclusively the property of this community.? I gather Cydia loses money in spite of its popularity, yet everyone is in a rush for new Cydia and new Substrate from Saurik as a consequence of other devs making breakthroughs with jailbreaking tools. Some of you may canada goose outlet black friday have noted that canada goose clearance Karen (AngelXwind) took some time out Canada Goose Jackets of this community for health reasons. I have no idea canada goose coats what going on in Saurik life or canada goose coats on sale the canada goose outlet sale progress or otherwise of Substrate development but if he not ready to canada goose outlet nyc release anything kppless canada goose uk shop it uk canada goose outlet may canada goose uk black friday be for very good reasons that have nothing to canada goose outlet reviews do with technology, canada goose outlet store buy canada goose jacket cheap uk technical ability or willingness to release.

The architecture without the “jailbreakd” is much cleaner: it means that there isn some weird coordination boundary Canada Goose online halfway between Substrate and the jailbreak; and the runtime stability will be a lot better”

Doesn canada goose outlet uk sale Saurik directly say here that the new substrate implementation basically removes canada goose outlet parka the reason for jailbreakd to exist and also state that it will be more Canada Goose Outlet clean and stable? Is that not a benefit of substrate over substitute?

Sorry if these are very nooby questions. My knowledge of jailbreaking technicalities is very limited.