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Collecting miniatures is canada goose uk shop an achievement. (Arguably, this is also a collection that has no end. except they just made it a set collection if the reason for not adding an achievement/title for dyes is because they “never end”, why not just make the achievement/title for collecting all the base, non exclusive, dyes?)

Generally speaking LB Canada Goose Jackets is a boring weapon. It not really canada goose outlet shop that fun to use or watch. Just my opinion. As far uk canada goose outlet as misuse I am mostly canada goose outlet canada talking cheap canada goose uk about LB 4 and it knockback. It constantly misused by canada goose jacket outlet rangers canada goose outlet in usa either by knocking enemies out of aoe currently on the ground or it canada goose outlet parka used as filler for which it not designed. And various canada goose uk black friday of canada goose coats situations where it is a skilled that should be saved and not spammed.

As far as misuse I am mostly talking Canada Goose Parka about LB 4 and it knockback. It constantly misused canada goose outlet uk by rangers either by knocking enemies out of aoe currently on cheap Canada Goose the ground or it used as filler for which canada goose outlet online it Canada Goose sale not designed. And canada goose outlet canada goose factory sale toronto factory various of situations where it is a skilled that should be saved and not spammed.

I agree, but this just marks a bad LB canada goose store Ranger player to me. The only justification for touching Point Blank Shot is to canada goose outlet jackets break a defiance bar or move a threat (like Vale Guardian seekers). canada goose outlet nyc Outside of that, its damage doesn beat a 1k range autoattack. But all professions suffer from players canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet sale who don care/don buy canada goose jacket know how to optimise, so it not as canada goose black friday sale canadian goose jacket if it Canada Goose online a Ranger exclusive issue, I think canada goose outlet store uk it just canada goose outlet uk sale more noticeable when a lb Ranger messes it up everyone hates their ground AoEs/damage being invalidated Canada Goose Coats On Sale by idiocy. 3 points submitted 10 months canada goose factory outlet ago

What do Canada Goose Online you want canada goose outlet online uk them to say? Do you have any idea how complicated programming is? Do you want them to make canada goose outlet store a post saying “We are aware of the issue (that what they said up to this point and all they should be expected to say) canada goose outlet black friday and it will take anywhere from canada goose uk outlet 2 hours to 3 weeks to fix. We are currently canada uk canada goose goose outlet in the phase of trying to replicate the bug. Todd took lunch 20 minutes late today. I left work goose outlet canada 5 minutes early to take my daughter to the dentist.”

Like seriously, you have no idea how any of buy canada goose jacket cheap this works.

Is official canada goose outlet there any idea on what caused the problem to begin with?

Has the canada goose raid/relevant team been able to experience/reproduce the issue?

Has the raid/relevant team found a workaround, exception to the bug, or fix?

Will there be any compensation in any form for affected players?

Why is no official warning players about this? Why is there no pinned post on the GW2 forums here (Dungeons, Fractals and Raids) or canada goose clearance here (News and Announcements) Note: Other in game Canada Goose Outlet features that were/have been disabled, such as the Frost Gun and Wayfarer canada goose black friday sale Henge Backpiece, are announced here, why the hell aren raids?

Considering that this huge issue is https://www.canadagooseoutletshop.co.uk still affecting the live patch, with a high probability that there are raiders still unaware of canada goose clearance sale this, many players have obviously been affected by it, and there isn much information out canada goose outlet new york city there about it, I don feel like any of these questions are in the realm of unreasonable.

If you idle canada goose coats on sale in game a lot like I do, post yourself in raid LFG warning players about this! We can still help canada goose outlet reviews others! 7 points submitted 10 months ago

I figured there probably worse bugs that I just hadn experienced, that one didn impact me as I don play pvp but it definitely is worse. Honestly though raids not giving rewards isn too far behind since many players will wait until a fix before raiding, for those players it isn much different to if raids were just disabled.