Ice cream makers: a buyer’s guide

The first hint of summer offers the perfect excuse to think about ice cream. While the supermarkets are getting better at stocking luxury brands, if you want your strawberry ice cream to contain real lumps of fruit or you crave slightly off-beat flavours like brown bread or pistachio, you might have to resort to making it yourself.

And in this respect the temperature is not the only thing on the rise. “With the great weather last week, sales of ice cream makers were up 113% versus the same period last year,” says Wendy Miranda of Lakeland. Making your own need not be expensive, she says C you can buy fruits on their last legs in the reduced section, and if you want to batch freeze you can purchase ingredients in bulk to save cash. For a custard-based ice cream using eggs, cream, sugar and some ripe fruit you could make a litre of frozen dessert tailored to your taste buds for about 2 C a quarter of the price of many premium products.