‘Austerity cooking’ has been hijacked by the moralisers

Jack Monroe was understandably annoyed at the imputation. Having blogged about her life making food on pennies per meal, found a publisher for her low-cost recipes and made it into the newspapers, she found her whole story being micturated on from a lofty height on Left Futures. Monroe was presenting an “upper middle-class aesthetic ideal”, turning poverty into “the cosy frugality of a Beatrix Potter book”.

This may seem unduly harsh aimed as a criticism of one struggling woman who has happily found a way canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet best fake canada goose jacket black canada goose parka out of poverty. But if, as the editors of Left Futures claim, they intend to attack “media narratives”, I suggest that they’re right on the money. There is indeed a toxic politics involved in the way that the government, marketers and certain media outlets have attempted to link the idea of austerity to a certain kind of lifestyle, and a certain image of a snug past.