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Claims are made that snail is good for canada goose factory sale aging as well. I am not sure how canada goose outlet toronto factory much of that claim is true. As for repairing and calming PIE/ allergies/pimples I noticed that snail products do calm them down efficiently. They also provide hydration but that is different with each product.Cosrx advanced snail essence is slimy to touch and on days canada goose coats on sale that I don apply it my skin doesn feel any different (since I have other hydrating essences in my routine).If you are looking to add these for hydration, it is better to go for a hydrating toner (7 skin) or a Scinic AIO. I on my 4th bottle and I love how it provides that first moisterizing step and glow to my skin. I even got my mom and sister hooked on it! After finishing my first bottle of Missha (which was the first FTE I had ever used), I decided Canada canada goose store Goose Outlet to purchased Hera FTE. However, after stubbornly finishing the whole bottle, I thought Hera paled in comparison to Canada Goose Jackets Missha. It provided some moisture canada goose outlet store uk but it didn provide Canada Goose Coats On Sale me canada goose outlet online uk with the same glow I canada goose outlet reviews had with Missha. It did less than nothing, and canadian goose jacket I noticed no canada goose black friday sale difference when canada goose jacket outlet I stopped using it.The snail, on the other hand, my skin is a total princess about. I dared to travel without it last week and my skin was all red and weird by the time I got back. It doesn necessarily prevent acne or anything, but it does a Canada Goose Parka GREAT job canada goose outlet store at soothing redness and irritation.Edit: I don expect instant whitening effects cheap canada goose uk with any Canada Goose sale kind of whitening or brightening product; the brightening ingredients take a canada canada goose uk black friday goose outlet shop while of consistent use to see any results. So I won be choosing based on that. I preferred the Bombee mask because even though it is fragranced, it wasn as overwhelming as the Freeset mask. They both canada goose outlet online have that nice hydrating gel texture and both made my skin feel plump and canada goose outlet jackets hydrated. I think canada goose outlet the effects lasted longer with the Bombee canada goose factory outlet mask, however. I said I wouldn be choosing based on brightening effects, but I will say they both did canada goose leave canada goose outlet uk sale my uk canada goose outlet skin with canada goose clearance sale a temporary brightness (I think it may have been more noticeable with Bombee). I felt a tingling sensation with the Freeset mask, which I thought may have just been the niacinamide, but after seeing these “burning” comments, it could be my sensitive skin reacting to the fragrance. I liked them both, really, but would rather use Bombee because of the slightly lighter fragrance (still heavy, migraineurs beware). canada goose outlet sale cheap Canada Goose I have the Freeset Healing one that I going to try next. :)The secret key is very canada goose outlet uk light and watery, while the cosrx has a thicker texture, official canada goose outlet like an essence. canada goose outlet nyc I would use the secret key before toner, but the cosrx would go after toner.In terms of performance, I not sure if either has done much of anything for my skin. I started using the cosrx when I ran out of the secret key and canada goose Canada Goose online outlet in usa I didn notice much difference canada goose store in my skin.I feel really ambivalent about both products, tbh. I added both to my online shopping carts at various points over the last few months but never actually bought a full size of either. The current plan is to wait canada goose outlet parka until I run out of my decants and see if my glow disappears before making a purchase :)Your English is fine! Fifty shades of snail did canada goose uk outlet a roundup review of a few different essences on her blog, if you canada goose outlet canada want something more in depth. I just looked canada goose uk shop at it again and I almost convinced canada goose outlet new york city to give the secret key another try. Both of these canada goose clearance essences were absolutely fine for me and I seen Canada Goose Online plenty of positive canada goose canada goose coats outlet black friday reviews about them, so canada goose black friday sale if you looking for a first treatment essence, certainly try it out.I guess the main distinction is if you looking for a watery essence (secret key) or a thicker essence with ferments (cosrx). I uk canada goose think that I will probably buy canada goose jacket buy the secret key in the next few months, as I goose outlet canada like the watery texture, especially in the humid summer.The main reason that I haven purchased one of these yet is mainly because my oily buy canada goose jacket cheap skin became quite dehydrated this winter, so I been layering on toners for the last few months for hydration.