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Miracles, history and garden vegetables keep fans on sofas

What a finish. It took 83 minutes before Clive Tyldesley finally mentioned the 1999 European Cup final in Barcelona, but he did not disappoint those of us playing Clive Tyldesley bingo. “Seven more minutes,” he noted. “Manchester United didn’t need that long.”

This may have been intended as encouragement for Liverpool fans watching at home but probably succeeded in making them glummer than they already were. Clearly it is the broadcaster’s job to keep the viewers on board by suggesting the big dramatic finish is just around the corner. The last thing he wants is customers flipping over to The Apprentice, or to Britain’s Worst Teeth on BBC3 (tempting, very tempting), but Tyldesley’s increasingly desperate suggestions that we might be Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa in for another Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa Istanbul or Barcelona seemed to be clutching at straws on an evening proceeding with the inevitability of a Greek tragedy (this, interestingly, was one of the few Grecian references I never heard a commentator come out with).

The constant mentions of Liverpool’s comeback Authentic Prada Handbags Wholesale in the 2005 final only served to reinforce that impression. Unlike then, Liverpool dominated the first half last night and yet still went into the interval 1-0 down to an unfortunate goal. Their nervy performance in the second half, and Milan’s growing confidence, will have persuaded those of us who have Authentic Prada Handbags Canada watched a few football matches that this was not going to be one of those nights.

The commentators’ talk of miracles in other European capitals in previous years was intended, one assumes, to keep the once-or-twice-a-year crowd pinned to their sofas. It was, of course, a night for history, what with the final being in Athens, a capital bristling with Black Prada Chain Bag history, as both ITV and Sky never tired of reminding Best Prada Outlet In Florence us. “Upon whom will greatness be bestowed tonight?” said Richard Keys, sounding a little like Jones Minor being called upon to read some poetry to the class.

ITV, meanwhile, had hired a proper actor, Clive Owen, to recite some overblown quasi-poetic guff over a backdrop of Athens’ historic monuments. It was full of lines about “the city of gods and heroes”, Milan trying “to heal the mental scars of 2005” and “when the Istanbul dust has settled” and so on.

Stirring stuff, the effect of which was slightly spoiled by pundit Kenny Dalglish following it with “I don’t think it’ll live up to expectations” and winning this year’s British bathos award. It is always a high-risk strategy including Dalglish in your panel of experts, as his mien is that of one who has just lost a beloved family pet – or worse – in a tragic road traffic accident, which somewhat negates the effect of all the cheerleading going on around him. It is also not always easy to follow what he is saying, for those of us not familiar with the rhythms of Glasgow, and I write as a former student at Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Philippines the University of Strathclyde.

Sky chose the better Liverpool European Cup veteran in Graeme Souness, one of the few pundits to add something to coverage of a match, and in fact the satellite broadcaster won all round in that department. When a big match is being covered by Sky and by terrestrial television – I noticed this on FA Cup final day as well – Sky does offer a genuine alternative, providing more hardcore football talk, as it were. This was particularly noticeable after last night’s match.

While ITV was looking for shots of sobbing Liverpool fans, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray were paying tribute to the part played by Filippo Inzaghi in Milan’s triumph. “He ran his socks off replica prada mens wallets,” said Gray. “He has made the difference tonight,” agreed Tyler.

ITV, I suppose, has to cater more for Bicester Village Prada Discount the general Authentic Prada Fairy Bag Sale viewer, which is probably why in its preview, in among the car and mobile phone ads – all of which, incidentally, seem to be voiced by Sean Bean or Stuart Maconie – there was Black Prada Doctor Bag an intriguing advertisement for a dog food, including only “fresh meat, garden vegetables and wholesome pasta”. Why would you want to feed your dog “garden vegetables” – and they did look appetising – when the creature is only going to go out and stick its nose in another dog’s faeces? It’s a puzzler all right.

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Canada Goose Per inciso, Canada Goose Italia outlet milano quello della recitazione era uno dei grossi problemi che affliggevano la riuscita di Almost Blue.Del tutto assenti suspence, tensione narrativa, attesa: il gravoso compito di tenere sulle spine lo spettatore lasciato tutto alla colonna sonora (quella s, davvero di genere) di Morgan. Gli eventi si svolgono con noiosa linearit, lo spettatore assiste senza alcun coinvolgimento emotivo, attendendo, auspicando, implorando che avvenga qualcosa, un imprevisto, un colpo di scena: nisba. I gialli televisivi dell’ultima canadagooseuomo ora al confronto sembrano Hitchcock.Buon thriller italiano; Infascelli da una dimostrazione, se non di essere grande maestro, comunque di saperci fare con la regia. Canada Goose

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Well, it’s none of those colors

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How Portsmouth flew too close to the sun

It is a sly accident of timing that Harry Redknapp returns buy canada goose jacket nyc to Portsmouth today with his well-stocked Tottenham squad immediately after his former club skipped clear of financial collapse by a whisker. His visit, and the expected hostility it will provoke from the Fratton Park crowd, echoes the one he made a year ago, to receive the freedom of the city for leading Pompey to FA Cup victory in 2008. That ceremony did not go quite as swimmingly as the civic leaders had planned, because Redknapp had left for Spurs three days earlier, saying that Portsmouth’s money had run out.

The FA Cup win may have been the club’s greatest moment since they won a second consecutive League championship 59 years ago but it was, in hindsight, the Premier League’s clearest episode of “living the dream” gone wrong since Leeds amazon canada goose parka United held their hands up to 100m of debt. Last week’s trauma at Fratton Park, which buy canada goose jacket online canada had left the players unpaid, HM Revenue and Customs fiercely chasing overdue tax said to amount to 10m, then a last-minute takeover, the second in 44 days, was a direct result of the overspending in Redknapp’s time.

Even with 77m worth of players sold since the Cup winning team waved and smiled from their open top bus, Pompey are around 50m in debt and the new owner, a Saudi Arabian property investor more info, Ali al-Faraj, has a great deal of money still to find. The team, meanwhile, recorded the worst start to a season by a top flight-side in decades, losing their first seven matches before canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps winning their last game at Wolverhampton.

This week the club’s chief executive, Peter Storrie, and the former player Paul Walsh have been urging Pompey fans to restrain their venom against Redknapp today, with Walsh pointing out that the manager only spent money that was authorised. That is true: the spree that brought Redknapp a bristling squad including Sol Campbell, Jermain Defoe, Sylvain Distin, Lassana Diarra and Sulley Muntari was bankrolled by the club’s former owner, Alexandre (Sacha) Gaydamak. After the credit crunch hit, he withdrew his funding.

Gaydamak has said very little during the recent near-collapse C or throughout the time he owned Portsmouth, which he did via a trust, Devondale, registered in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. This week, though, he authorised Glen Cooper, a corporate financier who represented the trust in the sale of the club to Sulaiman al?Fahim, to best fake canada goose jacket speak on his behalf.

Cooper painted a picture of a young Russian-Israeli businessman, optimistic when he bought the club from Milan Mandaric in January 2006 but who lost significant money in the global economic downturn and decided he could not spare any more for Pompey. More than that, Cooper claimed, Gaydamak grew tired of football and its constant demands of cash for players. The cutting off of his support led to Redknapp going and left Storrie to fire-fight desperately to sell players and pay the ones who remained, stave off Standard Bank C which wanted a 30m loan repaid in full last summer C and keep HMRC from putting Pompey into administration.

“If you had to criticise Sacha,” Cooper said, “you would say he was an absentee owner who failed to control the spending at the club. He is young and enthusiastic and was intrigued by the idea of being involved in football. Portsmouth did have success and won the FA Cup. But he was hit very badly when the markets crashed and could not fund incredible losses year in year out. Does he carry some blame for allowing the situation to get out of hand? Yes.”

Gaydamak, who was 29 at the time of his takeover, was dogged from the beginning by the suspicion that his father, Arkadi, was really behind it. Arkadi, then living in Israel where he bought the Beitar Jerusalem club, had an arrest warrant issued against him in France, where magistrates wanted to question him in relation to alleged illicit arms trading to Angola in the 90s, which he denied.

Shortly before the takeover, Arkadi had been questioned by the Israeli police as part of an investigation into alleged huge money-laundering, and last week charges were brought against him. According to the Israeli police, he has now gone back to Russia.

Sacha Gaydamak, however, has denied throughout that Arkadi was involved at all; he said he invested his own money, made in investment banking and property in France and Russia, and he satisfied the Premier League that he was the ultimate owner of Devondale.

Portsmouth’s road to Wembley was paved with 55m spent in wages in 2007?08; and a loss of 17m. The debts were 57m, 13.7m of it loaned directly from Gaydamak’s trust companies, the other buy canada goose jacket usa 43.4m owed to Standard Bank and Barclays, which Gaydamak was guaranteeing. “Nobody could foresee the credit crunch, and Sacha was obviously not immune to it,” Storrie said when the meltdown began. “It was all a risk, and we were over-stretched, especially with only 20,000 people in the stadium.”

The exits began with Muntari and Pedro Mendes in the summer of 2008. Pompey did find 9m to sign Peter Crouch, but Redknapp knew Gaydamak had withdrawn his funding and left in October, with the parting barb that the club was happy to receive 5m compensation for him. In January, Diarra was sold to Real Madrid for 20m and Defoe bought by Redknapp at Spurs for 15m. Storrie explained later that was “to balance the books”, but even though Portsmouth survived in the Premier League under Paul Hart, a flood of exits followed: Glen Johnson, Crouch, Niko Kranjcar and Distin were sold, Campbell and four others released.

The club was up for sale throughout but average price of canada goose jacket with debts, falling fortunes and the need for a new stadium, nobody found them an attractive proposition until Fahim announced in July that he had agreed a deal with Gaydamak. Fahim had garnered celebrity status in Dubai for hosting the United Arab Emirates version of The Apprentice, and was the chief executive of Hydra Properties, a company beset by complaints from disgruntled investors after delays at one of its development projects. Here, he was sprinkled with the glamour of having brokered Sheikh Mansour’s purchase of Manchester City, but after the brash early talk that his backers had “very deep pockets” to sign a side of galcticos, he had no further involvement at City.

Shorn of Mansour’s stamp, there were doubts about how deep his own pockets were. At first Fahim said the money was coming from “investors in the Middle East and the Far East”, which led to speculation that the former Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra was involved. Thaksin had been convicted of corruption offences in Thailand and would not have been a “fit and proper person” to own more than 30% of a Premier League club.

Thaksin, while acknowledging Fahim as “a close friend”, denied being involved. Fahim then clarified that the money would be buy canada goose jacket toronto coming from his own resources and borrowings. Yet confidence in him faded as he continued due diligence while players sprinted for the door.

The drama that still rankles with those involved came on 16 August, after Storrie had worked with a “group” including Faraj, introduced by the agent Pini Zahavi, who would buy the club instead of Fahim. Storrie believed they had a deal, then Gaydamak sold the club to Fahim.

Storrie had kept a positive face on the situation throughout a dire year but after that he cracked, saying he was “absolutely shattered” and revealing, finally, the extent of the crisis. “I’ve kept this club alive the last 12 to 14 months,” he said, “with the banks demanding payments for reasons outside our control.” Storrie added that the Faraj group “would have taken the club on to a level you would not quite believe”.

Cooper insisted that the trustees did not do the deal with the Faraj group because the group never proved they had sufficient money, and not enough was known about them. Local inquiries in Riyadh had found the Faraj family were people of “moderate wealth”, unlikely to have the millions required. Mark Jacob, Faraj’s lawyer and who is now on the Portsmouth board, said they are “solid business people, from an established Saudi Arabian family, who mostly invest in property”, and that the money was available in August.

The club went, instead, to Fahim, who paid 1 for it, but he put 5m in, apparently to deal with the most immediate financial demands. In order to ensure that a takeover could happen, Cooper explained that Gaydamak’s trust directly took on the debt owed to Standard Bank, which was then down to around 25m. The club best place to buy a canada goose jacket owes that money in turn to Gaydamak’s trust, plus other amounts, making a total of 33.5m. He had already written off his 13.5m loans, demonstrating that funding a Premier League club to overachieve is a very expensive venture. Fahim, according to Cooper, had the option to buy from Gaydamak 51% of the land around Fratton Park for 1 once Fahim had refinanced an initial 12m. The 33.5m the club owes Gaydamak is due for repayment in stages by 2012, at which point he would sell the remaining land, for around 4.5m.

Fahim could not borrow the necessary money quickly enough. The players were not paid at the end of September, and HMRC was demanding payments for unpaid tax and VAT. The Premier League, concerned for its image and that one of its clubs could fold during a season, called Fahim to a meeting with the chairman, Sir Dave Richards, the chief executive, Richard Scudamore, and the secretary, Mike Foster. Fahim told them he expected to raise the money by the second half of October, but they are understood to have said that was not acceptable.

Fahim passed to Faraj, again for 1, the prize he had craved, a Premier League club, after less than 50 days in charge. Faraj bought 90% of the club, Fahim retaining a 10% stake and the position as chairman, although that may be uncertain with Faraj understood to be unhappy with comments Fahim made to a Saudi newspaper. Faraj paid 1.8m wages immediately, and took on the obligations to repay Gaydamak, HMRC, agents and other clubs whom Portsmouth owe, around 50m in total. “If we hadn’t come in then and paid the wages,” Jacob said, “the club would have gone into administration.”

Faraj is understood to have obtained access burlington coat factory canada goose coat to credit to enable the club to pay its way for now. He has a brother, Ahmed, who is in the UK more, but Jacob said Ahmed is not formally involved, and there are no other investors. Ali has been submitted to the Premier League as the 100% owner of the holding company, Falcondrone, also registered in the British Virgin Islands. The Premier League, whose rules require the names of all owners of more than 10% of a club to be published, is understood to be still examining aspects of that ownership structure before clearing it. A league spokesman said: “Checks are ongoing.”

Faraj is understood not to be a billionaire with the money instantly to wipe all Pompey’s troubles away, and is talking to banks about how to refinance, but Jacob claimed there will be investment in January. “It is going to be done with sound business principles,” he said. “My client is very passionate about the Premier League, and sees this as an opportunity to invest in a great club, with a very loyal fan base, and a new stadium to build.”

Storrie, asked for his views, said this week: “I don’t want to talk any more about the club. I’ve done enough. I just want to get on and run it.” There is plenty still to do, with Portsmouth bottom of the Premier League and 50m in debt, just 17 months after Redknapp took them up the Wembley steps to their highest point in football’s modern, moneyed, era.

How To Take Care Of Canada Goose Jacket Taesm

Southamptons job well done on Liverpool leaves Klopp needing urgent response

There was no disguising the EFL Cup mattered authorized canada goose outlet to Jrgen Klopp or that the momentum and cutting edge that propelled Liverpool until new year has best canada goose jacket womens vanished at a critical juncture. Wembley also disappeared from view amazon canada goose jacket on a painful night for Klopps team as Southampton executed their game-plan anyone has got canada goose coat to perfection at Anfield. A job well done by Claude Puel, and a job done on Liverpool.

Since victory at Burton Albion in the opening round, the Liverpool manager had made no secret of his ambition to reach the final and to go one better than last seasons penalty shoot-out defeat against Manchester City. Those hopes were ruined by wasteful finishing, a lack of invention and another resolute display from Puels side. Klopp insisted there was nothing wrong with his teams creativity in the semi-final, that only their finishing was amiss. However, Jack Stephens and Maya Yoshida were composure personified at the heart of the Southampton defence, and the merits of their victory over two legs was unquestioned.

Claude Puel close to completing Southamptons journey in EFL Cup final Read more

For Liverpool, a semi-final exit hard on buy canada goose jacket winnipeg the heels of falling 10 points behind Chelsea in the race for the Premier League title has extinguished optimism at Anfield. They can ill-afford deflation to take root when Wolverhampton Wanderers arrive in the FA Cup on Saturday followed by Antonio Contes pacesetters next Tuesday.

Klopp broke from his usual post-match routine after the defeat by Swansea City C Liverpools first at home in the league for over a year C to convene a team meeting the following day at Melwood instead of an immediate debrief in the dressing room. His message was that players should enjoy this, even when we dont come through after five minutes. That problem was evident on Saturday when, despite legitimate focus on absent players and fatigue, Liverpool appeared to expect rather than force victory against the relegation-threatened visitors. They could not be faulted on that score against Southampton but once again the vibrancy of recent months was missing.

The Liverpool managers actions, and team selection for the second leg, underlined the significance of four consecutive home games to his ambitions for the season and the need for an immediate reaction having fallen at the first. There was huge encouragement for the hosts before kick benefits of canada goose jacket off when it was confirmed Southampton average price for a canada goose jacket centre-half Virgil van Dijk was absent due to an ankle injury. The Holland international had been imperious in the first meeting and his absence C possibly for the long term C piled responsibility onto Stephens in the heart of the visiting defence. Anfield represented the England under-21 internationals sixth appearance for his boyhood club but his inexperience was rarely examined in a flat first half. He thrived when tested after the interval, so too Yoshida, while Steven Davis and Oriol Romeu best canada goose jacket for men excelled in central midfield.

As against Swansea, a deep-lying defence and Liverpools struggle to find a way through stretched the patience of the Anfield crowd. It was stretched a little too far by Daniel Sturridges carelessness in possession judging by the groans that greeted his slips and misses. Sturridge was handed the central striking role as Klopp shifted Adam Lallana back into midfield against his former club and deployed his two Brazilians canada goose jackets, Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho, to the right and left respectively.

Read more

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