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Bottled wine has centuries of tradition behind it, so our attachment to it makes sense. But we’ve found one very good reason to buck tradition and go for the box: after opening, boxed red or white wine stays good for four to six weeks. And that traditional bottle of wine can sour after just one week..

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Not 10. Not 50. Three things. At level 4, the covert ops frigate has 40% probe strength bonus, and over 3 weeks of training later once you get it to 5 it 50%. All that SP, plus 5000% more isk for the hull alone, and you get 12.5% probe strength on a ship that is worse in every other way except that it can fit a covert ops cloak.As for compared to the astero, it gets worse. The astero comes in at a whopping 50 60 million isk, versus 30 40mil for the exploration frigs.

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The broncos offered him a back up spot, if he took it he’d probably be playing. Especially with the osweiller mess. Can you imagine giving up smith for kap? I’d be kicking myself everyday. They were in a relationship for 10 years.After getting eliminated from Nach Baliye 8, cheap air jordan last week, Aashka and Brent featured in the show as wildcard contestant. However, due to less number of votes, they were eliminated yet again.Aashka is best known to play the role of Kumud in Kkusum, where she featured as Nausheen Sardar Ali, the protagonist’s daughter. Later, she was seen in a negative role in Laagi Tujhse Lagan.

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