all the pubg announcements from microsoft’s e3 press conference

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The Man Who Didn’t Keep The Secret

HE IS a legendary figure. At the age of 87, he is still the brave and clear headed man who, in 1971, made the ethical choice to risk spending the rest of his life in jail to reveal the Pentagon Papers, 7,000 pages of top secret documents exposing the lies and miscalculations at the base of the Vietnam war. Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst at the Pentagon and RAND Corporation, just published The Doomsday Machine (Bloomsbury, 2017), a memoir that tells another remarkable story: Ellsberg not only photocopied the secret files on the Vietnam war, but he also photocopied secret information on the impact of nuclear war: files revealing the massive destructiveness that only insiders could know in detail, accessing data, estimates and top secret plans. Those documents were never published, however, because Ellsberg had planned to leak them after his trial for the Pentagon Papers. While on trial, he handed those nuclear files over to his brother, who buried the box containing the documents in the town trash dump. Unfortunately, a tropical storm piumini moncler destroyed everything. Almost half a century later, Ellsberg has written his book to tell this story and to reconstruct the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons he had learned from the inside. With the upcoming film The Post by Steven Spielberg, featuring the Pentagon Papers, Repubblica has interviewed the icon of all whistleblowers.

Forty six years after you took the huge risk of leaking the Pentagon Papers, what made you to stick to the commitment of alerting the public opinion on the existential threat represented by nuclear weapons?

“Because virtually all the dangers piumini moncler scontatissimi evident half a century ago are still with us, as dangerous as ever. And it became clear by the end of the century that neither the end of the Cold War, nor the administrations of Bill Clinton or, later, Barack Obama, were going to lead either to eliminating these dangers or even to reduce them significantly. Meanwhile, the discovery of nuclear winter in 1983, and its confirmation by newer, more powerful climate models from 2007 on, made it clear (except to the public) that the dangers were even greater in scale than was recognizable earlier: risking the near extinction of our species and full extinction of most other large species from the effects of carrying out our own first strike plans”.

In your book you tell very effectively how you were shocked to learn about the massive destructiveness of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, we moncler donna still live with that existential threat, because despite progress in reducing Cold War moncler outlet online uomo nuclear arsenals, the world nuclear arsenals remain huge: 14,550 warheads as of end 2017, according to the Federation of American Scientists. They are enough to destroy all life on our planet many moncler outlet trebaseleghe times over. However, people do not perceive this threat as real, as they have never been used since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. and Russia that constitutes the catastrophic threats; rather, it is moncler outlet the continued readiness on both sides to on warning based on fallible tactical warning piumini moncler outlet or strategic, political, warning, like the new Cold War that American elites, including both Democratic and Republican ones, are generating, describing Russia as an of the US with much the same happening on Putin side which has preserved the danger of a war of near extinction resulting from a false alarm, or paranoia, on either side. Confident they will not be used? The whole message of my book is that the opposite of such confidence is realistic. and North Korea, the way a gun is used when it is pointed at someone head in a confrontation, whether or not the trigger is pulled. But US moncler bambino saldi weapons in Italy are also being used today, and have been for decades, the way a gun is used when it is held in loaded and cocked status! ostentatiously in a shoulder holster, even before it is withdrawn from moncler saldi outlet the holster and pointed! Exactly how do the perhaps moncler outlet serravalle ninety weapons stationed by the US in Aviano and Ghedi Torre air bases serve Italy security, or moncler bambino outlet the world Why the answer might be by making Italy hostage to its being targeted by Russia, or perhaps by some terrorist group bent on catalyzing world catastrophe! And, assuring that a Russian attack on Italy say, outlet moncler what? will be an attack on US nuclear forces as well, assuring near extinction. itself or Russia. I don have time at this moment to pursue all this further. I just reiterate what I said in my book: NATO nuclear first use policy, in which Italy has fully participated for generations, is the most irresponsible, insane and immoral strategy and policy in the history of warfare or of the human species. It remains exactly that today. It didn need the discovery of nuclear winter, assuring near extinction in the southern hemisphere as to inflict mass annihilation on the Eurasian continent, as well as North America. Either retaliatory multi genocide, or escalatory multi genocide from a non nuclear conflict. What exactly would these ninety weapons in Italy be aimed at? Who in Italy knows the answer to that? Does any civilian, starting with the president? What would be likely consequences for Italy? Ninety thermonuclear weapons are enough to cause just enough reduction of sunlight from the lofted smoke from burning cities, distributed globally to lead to the starvation moncler saldi of over two billion humans, the least nourished prior to the war. What gives Italy the right to participate in such operations, to this effect, or to house this mini Doomsday Machine? Under what conditions, exactly, would operational control of those weapons shift to Italian hands in a crisis? These moral and existential questions for Italy as for Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, along with the UK and France cannot be attributed specially to Berlusconi, Italy Donald Trump. Every Italian prime minister since NATO began has been full party to these threats of catastrophic, evil action. Was and is this a necessary evil? How long has it been since such a question was raised in Italy, if it ever was? It is not premature, it is long past due, for these questions to be addressed now”.

How do you reply to those who argue that we should be grateful to these weapons as they have protected us from major world wars in the last 70 years?

“If they have contributed to that at all which is very much in question it was at the unconscionable risk of near extinction of humanity, an unjustified and immoral risk no matter how small the probability of these threats of multi genocide being carried out. And the probability was not always small, in crises and false alarms”.

Despite significant progress in nuclear disarmament, today there are thousands of nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert, which means they are kept in a state of readiness, that allows them to be launched within minutes of a decision, thus exterminating millions of people. and NATO should not only adopt moncler outlet trebaseleghe a no first use policy but should act in accordance with that by removing all tactical nuclear weapons all highly vulnerable, and conducive to launch on warning given a false alarm from Europe. That means all weapons now based in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands. French and British weapons are at least less vulnerable, though they too endanger world security more than they promote national security. The same applies to Russian tactical nuclear weapons: but reductions on one side though best accompanied by mutual reductions need not and should not await moves to others. should eliminate its vulnerable, land based intercontinental ballistic missiles, for the same reason: first strike only weapons, threatening the vulnerable weapons of the other and conducive to launch on warning on both sides. Moreover, submarine launched ballistic missiles [ballistic missiles capable of being launched from submarines] should be reduced in number so as not to threaten a (illusory) first strike”.

How do you look at North Korea decision to nuclear weapons?

“It follows almost inevitably the worldwide acceptance of by threat of monstrous retaliation. It has the same prospect of short run success: at the risk of holocaust”.

You declared that you are pretty convinced that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong un, has made provisions for massive retaliation, if he is killed. You clarified that this is just speculation, but it based on your experience and knowledge of the history of nuclear weapons. All of this was kept secret from the publics and from their adversaries, sacrificing whatever deterrence moncler uomo these arrangements might have achieved. There is no reason to suppose that Kim Jong un, facing perfectly open threats and preparations for assassination piumini moncler uomo and invasion of the North, has not made the same arrangements”.

How do you look at President Trump handling of US nuclear weapons? There have been talks to restrict his ability to launch a nuclear attack.

“There is no way constitutionally to restrict the president control of the nuclear forces, or any of the armed forces of which he is commander in chief. These proposals are just talk, a way of distancing legislators from their responsibility to change this monstrously reckless system altogether, to make it sound as if their proponents meant to something confronted with the obvious dangers posed by our hopelessly immature president.

When it comes to nuclear weapons, are all US presidents alike?

“No; some are even worse than others. Nixon, for example. arsenal of nuclear weapons from 1000 fission warheads to 23,000, largely thermonuclear. Trump has the appearance as did Reagan, dangerously of being one of the worst, but that yet remains to be seen. Not that the world should wait passively to test that, as if bystanders”.

What about Putin Russia? It still has huge nuclear arsenals and yet all the public debate is about Russian hackers.

“Putin threats of first use in Europe in connection with Ukraine, moncler outlet online shop or Kaliningrad are as insane and immoral as NATO have always been”.

You have known some of the government darkest corners, who inspired you to leak the Pentagon Papers?

“Without the example of young Americans like Randy Kehler, who chose to go to prison to demonstrate their conviction that our war on Indochina was morally wrong (not merely hopeless), it would not have occurred to me that I could do what I did, at the almost certain prospect of life in prison, following their example”.

After the Pentagon Papers, it took 39 years before Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks revealed massive amount of classified documents on the war on terror and it took 42 years before Edward Snowden leaked top secret documents about the NSA mass surveillance programs. Why did it take so long, considering that there are almost 5 million US citizens with a security clearance to access all sorts of secret information which is in the public interest?

“The moral courage shown by Chelsea Manning and Ed Snowden is, unhappily, still far more rare than courage on the battlefield as Bismarck observed, of Germany”.

Today there are more than 4.2 millions Americans with a security clearance: the so called security apparatus is a state within the state with very little accountability. How do you look at it?

“It is incompatible with even an approximation to democracy with respect to foreign affairs and military policy”.

Finally, you have lived an intense life, looking back would you suggest to talented and young people to serve their country operating inside the government and trying to change the system from the inside or would you rather suggest that they rebel? Follow the orders or follow your conscience?

“Changing the system from the inside scarcely ever happens; there are too moncler saldi uomo many built in safeguards against insiders acting on conscience that disagrees with the judgment of their superiors. Often re direction of conscience, enlarging one loyalties to fellow citizens and humans beyond narrow agency or conventional loyalties, is called for; and the example of others can help that awakening. I would suggest to talented young people that they can do better to serve humanity and their own countries by learning about, questioning, and acting to change wrongful and dangerous policies by their government from outside the Executive branch. If, instead, they find themselves inside it and discover that their bosses or agencies are deceiving the legislature and the public, acting inhumanely and dangerously, then I would urge them to consider exposing that to the larger citizenry, with documents, at whatever personal cost to their own piumini moncler saldi careers and lives”.

17, 2012, 8:58 PM

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cheap moncler jackets mens Najib has said he is committed to repealing it.everyone around the PM is on the same page with him, said Saifuddin Abdullah, an UMNO moderate and former deputy minister. Hope this is not a move to moncler outlet store fail the prime minister in many of the things he is trying to do.Supporters of the sedition law say it is needed to clamp down moncler outlet online on inflammatory actions that could stir up ethnic or religious tension in the diverse nation of 29 million.But although some people aligned with moncler sale outlet UMNO or Malay rights groups have been charged under the law, it is used far more often against anti government activists or the opposition.N. Surendran, a lawyer and opposition member of parliament, was charged with sedition last month for saying that the verdict in Anwar trial was defensive, and insupportable a view shared by various cheap moncler coats international human rights groups.Loone, the journalist, was arrested and later released on bail after Malay rights groups lodged a police report about an article she wrote quoting an arrested opposition politician saying he was treated like criminal cheap moncler in police custody.The opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition says electoral calculations may be behind the arrests, which would result in by elections if the legislators who are suspects are found guilty.we are seeing is thus a blatant and shameless attempt by Najib to hijack democracy by having duly elected lawmakers from Pakatan to be stripped of their democratic entitlements and disqualified from contesting in the subsequent by elections, Anwar, who is free pending an appeal, said in a statement.. cheap moncler jackets mens

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Is one of the best moments in my career so far. When I was a little kid, I was always dreaming to win one time the Wimbledon title and the dream came true today. Playing against Serena is always an honor for me. When Nitish Kumar resigned as Chief Minister of Bihar this year, he said he was accepting responsibility for his party’s humiliating result in the national election. The 63 year old’s Janata Dal United or JDU won just two of the state’s 40 parliamentary seats. Mr Kumar picked as his successor Jitan Ram Manjhi, 72, a decision he must kick himself fo..

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