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‘Austerity cooking’ has been hijacked by the moralisers

Jack Monroe was understandably annoyed at the imputation. Having blogged about her life making food on pennies per meal, found a publisher for her low-cost recipes and made it into the newspapers, she found her whole story being micturated on from a lofty height on Left Futures. Monroe was presenting an “upper middle-class aesthetic ideal”, turning poverty into “the cosy frugality of a Beatrix Potter book”.

This may seem unduly harsh aimed as a criticism of one struggling woman who has happily found a way canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet best fake canada goose jacket black canada goose parka out of poverty. But if, as the editors of Left Futures claim, they intend to attack “media narratives”, I suggest that they’re right on the money. There is indeed a toxic politics involved in the way that the government, marketers and certain media outlets have attempted to link the idea of austerity to a certain kind of lifestyle, and a certain image of a snug past.

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Germany and Spain put best on display for Champions League semi-finals

It is tempting to read a great deal into the swaggeringly four-square German-Spanish dominance of this season’s Champions League semi-finals. Football loves a sweeping narrative and in Bayern v Bar?a and Dortmund v Real Bicester Village London Prada there is a sense of certain shared sporting values that go beyond mere geography, a butterfly print of matching elites from which the committed Rorschach theorist might draw all manner of overheated conclusions. But if the significance of such moments of dominance can often be overstated C exhibit one: the unstoppable rise of the Premier League (sell-by date 2011) C there is still a starkness to this semi-final lineup, a sense of a greater historical ascent in play. Something is happening here. But what, exactly?

Perhaps the most striking element of this drift towards a Germano-Iberian duopoly is the feeling not of opposed and contrasting superpowers, but of convergence and consensus, of a fraternal similarity. The dawning of the age of Iberia may have been upon us for some time, but in the Bayern supremacy it finds an answering echo: if Germany and Spain are streets ahead when it comes to player development and tactical coherence, they appear to have skipped off around the corner more or less hand-in-hand.

There will, of course, be some tribal dissent C and to be fair Manchester United were smothering Real Madrid into submission before Nani’s red card C but it is worth noting the broad consensus is that these are inarguably Europe’s top four teams this year. “It’s no coincidence,” says Dietmar Hamann, a winner of this competition with Liverpool in 2005. “The four best teams are in the semis, which has not really been the case for the last 10 years. They are here because they deserve it and I think all the other teams are behind these. I could see any one of these four winning the Champions League, but I haven’t been able to see any of the English teams winning it at any stage this year.”

Beyond this the Bundes-Liga semi?final full-house fits a wider trend. The last four Champions League finals have featured either Bar?a or Bayern, while eight of the last 12 semi-finalists have been Spanish or German, eclipsing with surprising abruptness a similar run of late-stage hegemony for the Premier League. Albeit, we are of course talking about a small cartel of elite clubs here. The most obvious shared quality, beyond mere nationality, is the sheer scale and reach of three of the four clubs involved, the fiscal and geographical heft of Barcelona, Bayern and Real. These Bicester Village Prada Store Number are collectively Europe’s ascendant regional superpower clubs, brilliantly marketed to a captive nation-state fanbase and their attendant corporate backers.

Undoubtedly financial heft is the bedrock of this ascent: in Real and Barcelona the semi-finals host two of the three richest clubs around, and Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Messenger Bag in Bayern the world’s most prolific football merchandise machine. You don’t have to be a peerless commercial powerhouse to become a part of football’s oligarchical elite C but it helps.

This, though, is about more than just money. It is also a matter of style and content, a set of shared characteristics expressed within the confines of the pitch, and relating to things like tempo Black Leather Prada Milano Purse and texture and basic notions of how exactly a football team should go about its business. If you were to attempt to define a German and a Spanish style right now you would most likely end up with two differing but also seductively conjoined models. Spain, and in particular Barcelona, are of course the masters of the pass, a method based around the notion of tiny spaces picked apart through relentless high-spec shuttling of the point of possession. The basic approach is to treat the ball as though it is the final bullet in your revolver. This will be a lovingly crafted execution.

If German teams have a general point of contrast it is perhaps in their greater adherence to Joachim L?w’s notion of football as a sport “defined Bicester Village London Prada by a succession of sprints”. Both the national team and Bayern employ direct and purposeful bursts of intelligent movement: not running for runnings’s sake, but concerted sprints, either in small pockets or across the pitch. These two nations have taken the basic bonded elements of “football” and split them in two: Spain the nation of ball; Germany of the foot.

These are fine distinctions within the trend of broad similarity. Barcelona at their best are also a team of sprints, particularly in high-pressing defence. Similarly Real Madrid are a great counter-attacking force, with ball-carriers in Angel di Mara and Cristiano Ronaldo who can match anything Arjen Robben and Philipp Lahm might produce. Dortmund swarm around opponents in possession with as much zeal as the original blitz-defence goblins of Catalonia. And Bayern killed the quarter-final by passing Juventus to death, Bar?a-style, as the Italians chased the game.

It is a promiscuous stylistic overlap, the basic components of which are retention of the ball, hustling defence, attacking at speed when an opponent is destabilised, and a freewheeling approach to traditional formations, the breaking down of positional rigidity into the basic unit of the mobile, mutable modern footballer, able to perform a range of fluid roles.

It is a similarity that carries through into international football. Germany played the last round of World Cup qualifiers with a Vincente del Bosque (and also Craig Levein)-style 4-6-0 formation, while L?w’s Mannschaft have to date managed to make more passes than Spain in the qualifying fixtures.

The style, the money, the ideologically coherent regional identity. There is a fourth component, too. The evidence suggests a strong spine of home-reared domestic players is what separates the very best from those who merely have the outline, and deep pockets, of a European super-team. German and Spanish have been the most heavily represented nationalities in the last four Champions League finals, tribute in itself to their fecund academy systems. Most notably in the Bundesliga, Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi where administrative unity between the German FA and its top tier C unlike the damaging two-way squabble between Premier League and FA C means progressive methods can be dictated from the top.

All Bundesliga clubs are required to maintain an academy that meets the standards of the Deutscher Fu?ball-Bund, a system decisively revamped after the generational Authentic Prada Clutch nadir of Germany’s Euro 2000 campaign. “We have many young players coming out of the academies and I think German football has made a quantum leap,” Robin Dutt, sporting director of the DFB, has said. “There is superb work being done now in the academies, some very skilful and tactical training. Borussia Dortmund are a great example with [Mario] G?tze, Marco Reus and Sven Bender.”

Hamann points also to the simple fact of ready opportunity. “Young German players get more chance than in England. Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada There’s been some really good success at the age group levels from the Under-15s through to the Under-21s. You can produce them but they also need a chance to play.

“And these teams make sure they keep the players feet on the floor and remind them they’ve done nothing until they start playing for the first team. Those few months at the age of 18-20 make a huge difference. You only get one chance at it.”

There are sound fiscal incentives for Bundesliga clubs to make sure that chance is generously extended. The top two tiers combined spend more than 100m on their academies each year, with notable successes. Bayern boast the home-growns Thomas Mller, Toni Kroos, Holger Badstuber, Diego Contento, Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger, while across the Bundesliga 275 out of 525 players used in 2010-11 were domestic academy products. The situation is similar in Spain, where Athletic Bilbao have used 20 academy players this season, Real Sociedad 16, Barcelona 15 and even fiscally incontinent Madrid seven.

Plus, of course, the system is applied with progressive good sense. Simply having an academy isn’t enough: it is the rigour, the centralised standards, and above all the willingness to accept that technique rather than physique are the essence of a good young player. If the field seems open here Authentic Prada Leather Handbag for a little Premier League-bashing, it is worth noting that this particular element, the Authentic Prada Messenger Bag For Sale home-reared core, also speaks to the recent era of Premier League success. The Manchester United teams that won the Champions League both contained six British outfield players in their starting eleven. Liverpool in 2005 were forged around the armature of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Even last season’s haphazardly concocted Chelsea triumph was, paradoxically, a team effort that drew its strength not from an endless drenching in imported exoticisms, but from a largely English spine that had been in place for almost a decade.

If this combination of a highly marketable regional identity married to a domestically forged footballing backbone appears to represent the perfect storm for European club success, it has broader benefits as well. The Champions League may have overtaken international football as the concentrated pinnacle of the game, but with its high?end regional?local successes it also feeds directly into Europe’s creeping dominance at international level. This is nothing new. The story of the World Cup since 1950 has basically been Western Europe versus Brazil and Argentina. Since 1978 only Diego Maradona’s single-handed brilliance has interrupted the Euro-Brazil dynamic, while the last two finals have been all-European affairs. It would be stretching a point however to suggest Spain and Germany have come close to establishing a twin-headed international supremacy: Germany remain curious underachievers given the depth of talent. Semi-finalists in every major competition since 2006 replica prada mini bags, some still

Prada 51os Fdcpg

Eriksson’s dress-rehearsal went the same way as Wembley

No one ever said that planning was an exact science. Tonight’s match with Hungary is part of the preparations, but it is impossible to define the precise benefit to Sven-Goran Eriksson. The manager envisaged it originally as groundwork for the culmination of Group B at the World Cup.

Now Eriksson recognises how comedy has crept into his scheme: “I phoned up Lothar Matth?us and asked if he wanted a game, maybe at Wembley. That’s gone. He said, ‘Yeah, we will come and play.’ I said, ‘Then you will have to play as Sweden play.’ He said, Bicester Village Prada Discount ‘OK.’ But now the manager’s gone, so I don’t know any more.”

The whole concept that Hungary could ever have been the spitting image of Sweden is suspect. Even if he were so inclined, the new coach Peter Bozsik could not pull off that impersonation without, for example, coming up with Hungarian equivalents of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrik Larsson.

These dress-rehearsals are the sketchiest equivalents of the real thing. England could only have been exhilarated by the stoppage-time winner in their previous friendly if they were sure that Uruguay had a lot more in common with Paraguay, the opposition on June 10, than a place on the same page of the atlas.

The policy depends on a shrug and a Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Sale suggestion that there cannot be any harm in seeking out lookalikes of your rivals. In practice, though, the identity of the Bicester Village Prada Bag Price side who happen to be sharing Are Prada Handbags Cheaper In Italy the pitch is generally of minor significance. Old Trafford will not contain 75,000 tonight because of the limited allure of Hungary replica prada boston bags, ranked 76th in the world.

The coach of the Hungarians, appointed last month Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Dresses Uk in succession to Matth?us, is the son of the late Jozsef Bozsik. Are All Prada Handbags Leather He was the great midfield orchestrator who won 101 caps in the Aranycsapat, the golden team who proved they had reinvented football with the 6-3 victory over England at Wembley in 1953.

Bloodline links Peter Bozsik with that achievement, but his team has no other connection to an elevated era. Hungary came fourth in their World Cup group – behind Croatia, Sweden and Bulgaria. While several members of the squad, including Gabor Kiraly of Crystal Palace Authentic Prada Leather Handbag and West Bromwich’s Zoltan Gera, play abroad, none Bicester Village Prada Store Number are renowned.

In his first game in charge, Bozsik recorded a 2-0 victory over a jet-lagged New Zealand last week that was viewed as a tolerable start. Hungary could be stirred, too, by the Old Trafford atmosphere and Gera might give Eriksson some idea of the effectiveness of England’s defensive arrangements in midfield.

None the less, this fixture will not be in keeping with the usual round of friendlies if it develops a strong character. This is primarily an evening for the public to express a Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Book Bags fervour for England that actually swells with each trophy-less decade.

It is a shame that games outside the major competitions have been reduced to this. That triumph for Hungary 53 years ago is, after all, so great a landmark that it would be bizarre to think of it as a friendly. Eriksson is very far from being the only culprit in the devaluation of these matches, but England’s have been among the more wearisome.

Italy, by comparison, have been riveting in recent wins over Holland and Germany. Those were among the precious exceptions and even when renowned teams meet in contemporary friendlies, the coaches tend to protect their reputations by tampering with line-ups Bicester Village Prada Opening or making so many substitutions that the game is subverted.

It is not just the spectators who lose out. The countries, too, are squandering their opportunities, even though there are reminders of the largely unexplored potential. England’s best and most instructive match since Euro 2004 was a friendly, when Argentina were beaten 3-2 in Geneva six months ago.

At full-time the glow of Michael Owen’s late goals illuminated the team, but the players also had a good deal to reflect upon. No qualifier in the European zone had shown them how potent a player like Juan Roman Riquelme could be this summer.

There probably is not a Hungarian who can produce a display like that, yet it would be better for everyone if managers set their hearts on really taxing friendlies.

Carole is cancelled for me this season. Never loved her because I always felt like she thought she was so much better than everyone due to her career and connections girl you are on real housewives, get a grip. But seeing her low key smirking and revelling in Luanns arrest was the last straw for me.

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It’s rare for an A-lister to sound the death knell on a trend – that honour usually goes to a first-division Wag. But, Gwyneth Paltrow may have done just that this week. After a month of tireless promotion for her new flick, Iron Man, wearing a selection of the most downright precarious heels known to womankind, even the most trend-indulgent among us have had to wonder whether the backlash has begun.

To be fair to Gwyneth, it Authentic Prada Bags Outlet Online is not entirely her fault – she has spent most of the past few years avoiding being photographed. But she can’t have failed to notice that over the past 18 months super-high shoes have been flogged almost to death by celebrities Alex Pradas Quiles and the high street alike. So it isn’t surprising that when she did want to be photographed, she resorted to the default red-carpet footwear setting of ultra Black Prada Bag Mission Impossible highs. And then some.

Last month at a Manhattan charity benefit Gwyneth wore her first shock-worthy S

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