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Neil Warnock on course to be named Rotherham manager until end of season

Neil Warnock is in pole position to become Rotherhams new manager until the end of the season.

The former Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers, Crystal Palace and Leeds manager is set to Authentic Prada Shoes For Sale replace Neil Redfearn at the New York Stadium, with Authentic Prada Handbags Uk the task of keeping the Baby Prada Shoes Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi Uk Authentic Prada Bags For Sale Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Store Philippines Millers in the Championship.

Rotherham sack manager Neil Redfearn after just 21 games in charge Read more

Warnock, who played for the Millers between 1969 and 1971, has been working as an adviser at QPR, but Press Association Sport understands an appointment in South Yorkshire is on course.

The short-term nature of the job is understood to appeal to the 67-year-old, who lives in Cornwall.

He will be charged with ensuring Rotherham survive in the second tier prada replica bags, a tough task with 16 games of the season remaining.

The Millers are in the relegation zone, three points from safety after back-to-back defeats to fellow strugglers Charlton and Bolton.

Those losses Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shopping cost Redfearn his job just four months and 21 Are Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money games into a two-and-a-half year deal, with the Millers board acting decisively in a bid to stave off relegation.

Nicky Eaden is currently in caretaker charge of the Millers, less than a week after joining Agatha Ruiz Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Sale Uk Dela Prada Outlet Online the club as Redfearns assistant manager.

An appointment could happen before Saturdays visit of Birmingham, which opens a gruelling run of fixtures, where they must play sides currently in the top eight in six of their next eight matches.

Alex McLeish looks to Karl Henry to strengthen Aston Villa midfield

Alex McLeish has buy canada goose jacket winnipeg identified Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Karl Henry as a transfer target as part of plans to add can you wash a canada goose jacket in the washer some much needed experience to Aston Villa’s callow midfield this summer. Henry, 29, has two years remaining on his buy canada goose coat online contract at authenitc canada goose outlet store in gta with discount price Molineux but has endured a frustrating season authentic canada goose outlet online that started with him losing the buy canada goose parka ottawa captaincy to Roger Johnson and ended with relegation to the Championship.

Whether Villa’s interest in Henry turns into something more concrete is likely to depend on the managerial situation at the club, with McLeish’s position set best canada goose jacket style to come under review after the final game of the season coat, at Norwich on Sunday. McLeish has spoken of the need to augment authentic canada goose jacket sale a young squad with the addition of some senior players in the summer, and said after the 1-1 draw against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday that he expects to be given the chance to spend a second season in charge.

Meanwhile, Stoke City are considering making a move for Martin Olsson, the Blackburn Rovers left-back who is set to be one of a number best mens canada goose jacket burlington coat factory canada goose coat of players on the way out of Ewood Park in the wake of relegation. Tony Pulis, the Stoke manager, is keen to recruit another left-back, with Danny Higginbotham and Danny Collins both expected to leave the Midlands club this summer, and has earmarked the Sweden international Olsson as a possible signing.

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Is it possible for the news media to control this? In other words the magnates behind the news media can literally push their own candidate and ignore the rest. I’m sure not all of you have the chance to see and talk to all the candidates, for goyard outlet sale that matter you might not see any of them. How else then do these candidates get to talked to you all and ensure that there policies are known by all? Is the system not financially driven, with some having more than others? I ask this not in a derogatory way but purely as an outsider interested in the way things are done in the rest of the world.

I say this because many, many, people cheap goyard bags are already at the bottom of the ladder and have nothing to lose. There are those who would see their standard of living reduced a lot, but there are many like myself who would not. My intolerance of constitutionally violating business and government Goyard Cheap systems has driven me to the brink of civilization.

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buy canada goose jacket Sorry this canada goose factory outlet isn to canada goose womens outlet be rude to you but if the best thing you can say about Hillary is that she beat Donald “mexicans are rapists, grab her by the pussy” Trump by about 1 percent of the canada goose outlet in toronto popular vote despite having raised five times as much money and having probably ten times the ground game and canada goose outlet reviews analytics, while losing the very states her “superior” organization determined were not at risk, canada goose outlet paypal then I have to say I unimpressed. canada goose outlet store quebec This should have been an election she canada goose outlet germany won by eight percent and Canada Goose Outlet a hundred and twenty electoral votes. It too early to tell canada goose outlet washington dc all the factors that led to her loss but it indisputable that the candidate and her much touted campaign were at least part of the problem. buy canada goose jacket

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Land market not overheated

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BEIJING, Sept 28 canadian goose jacket (Reuters) Beijing has been working for more than two years to cool red hot property prices but the campaign may now be canada goose adding to stress on the cooling economy and canada goose coats on sale could offset the impact of any fresh policy easing.

Investment Canada Goose Online in the property sector accounted for 13.6 Canada Goose Outlet percent of China gross domestic product in the first half of 2012.

Here is a look at the latest news, numbers and more from China real estate market.

REUTERS NEWS China policymakers are very worried about the risk of a rebound in domestic home prices, said Chen Yulu, an academic adviser cheap canada goose uk to the central canada goose coats bank said.

Moody said in a report it expected Chinese property sales to improve in the Canada Goose online coming months as developers launch new projects during the traditionally peak seasons of September and October.

China plans to stick to its tight canada goose uk black friday property sector policies and a canada goose black friday sale nationwide rebound in home prices remains unlikely, a senior Canada Goose Coats On Sale official at buy canada goose jacket the housing ministry said.

China will expand its pilot property tax reform beyond Shanghai and Chongqing in an effort to cool rising housing prices, an buy canada goose jacket cheap official from the State Administration of Taxation said.

DATA Beijing sold new homes of 7,942 units in the first 23 days of September, down a third from the uk canada goose same period in August, according to data from property consultancy canada goose clearance Centaline.

Unsold homes in China southern city of Guangzhou stood at 113,000 units as of Sept 24, compared with 72,000 a year ago.

Longfor Properties Co Ltd bought a piece of land in Chaoyang district of Beijing at a floor space price of about 2,1000 yuan square meter, its first purchase this year in the canada goose uk shop capital city.

CHINESE PRESS canada goose store Sept 28 Beijing land sale revenue is expected to hit over 23 billion yuan in September. The capital city has already reaped 17 billion yuan so far this month and plans to sell another eight land parcels on Sept Canada Goose sale 29. (Beijing News)

Sept 27 China land market is not overheated and remains stable with no big rise in prices, although some developers have quickened land purchases as local governments sped up land sales in the past two months, the Ministry canada goose uk outlet of Land and Resources said. (Guandian)

Sept 27 The Guangzhou housing bureau has limited the number of units developers can sell from their highly priced projects as such projects pushed up the southern city average new cheap Canada Goose home price to a two year high in July. (Nanfang Daily)

Sept 26 China home prices are unlikely to rebound in the rest of this year, although bank lending to the sector has loosened in the past canada goose factory sale few months, industry experts said. (China Securities Journal)

Sept 26 China capital city of Beijing canadagooseparks amended some loopholes in its home purchase restrictions, tightening checks on buyers ID cards to see how many units their whole family owns. (Beijing News)

Sept 22 Beijing has suspended sales canada goose clearance sale of 10 pieces of land after raking in 3.8 billion yuan in land sale revenues on Sept 20, which showed a recovery canadagooseparks in Canada Goose Parka the land market. (Securities Daily)

Sept 22 The Chinese cities of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing have collected information about existing homes and are ready to levy property tax, according to sources close to state tax bureau. Canada Goose Jackets (21st Century Business Herald)

THEY uk canada goose outlet SAID property curbs are effective and I don expect the next government to relax them any time soon. The property market and the broad economy are closely linked. If the economy is weak, how can the property sector stand on its own? The best case is for the property market to recover before other industries. But don expect it to heat up again, unless you stimulate it like 2009. But I don think it likely. (Nie Meisheng, president of the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview with the Time Weekly).

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Recent calligraphy practice

/r/Calligraphy is a canada goose outlet toronto uk canada goose outlet factory place for any individual canada goose outlet parka canada goose uk black friday interested in the canada goose outlet new york city art of beautiful canada goose factory outlet writing. Whether you been writing for cheap canada goose uk decades or are looking to pick up the pen canada goose coats on sale for the first time, canada goose outlet online uk we canada goose outlet sale glad to have you!

Read all of the rules below before submitting links here. If you new, take a canada goose outlet look at some Canada Goose Outlet of the most recent canada goose factory sale posts to get an idea of the kind of information that can be helpful for starting good conversations about calligraphy. self promotion) are allowed only in the Classifieds Fridays thread as top level comments.

Instagram submissions will be removed.

Requesting work from the community is only allowed in the Classifieds Fridays or Canada Goose online through PM.

Mark inappropriate posts NSFW. uk canada goose (NSFW posts may contain the following: nudity, intense sexuality, or profanity. Hate speech or threatening language is not permitted. Click on NSFW posts at your own discretion.)

Do jackets not make ad hominem or inflammatory comments.

Zero tolerance for plagiarism.

Posts and comments that do not comply with our rules will be removed. One thing you can do is print out Canada Goose Parka Mr Ouyang canada goose store canada goose outlet online characters and trace them with the brush. Another thing you can do is practice writing with Canada Goose Jackets a normal pen but in a brush hold just canada goose outlet nyc to get used to the hand shape. Yet another thing that will actually help but is often overlooked is learning the traditional characters of what you are practicing, because understanding the meaning and how the word is constructed will help you write the word as well. Simplified is great for practical canada goose Canada Goose sale outlet jackets use but not so great for calligraphy.

Watch out for lines that get too slanted. This is most apparent in your but most canada goose outlet reviews of your canada goose outlet shop other words have canada goose black friday sale them canada goose uk outlet too. Don forget that Canada Goose Coats On Sale those guide boxes are also buy canada goose jacket cheap reminders that you got to keep your lines straighter it actually probably better if you use the nine square guide boxes canada goose black friday sale canada goose outlet store cheap Canada Goose uk instead of the ones you currently using, since the nine square ones force you to consider spacing within each character. Allow me to explain some things though.

First off, I completely agree with you that canada goose outlet store I still have trouble putting enough power into my strokes, and that they appear “weak”. For me, this problem comes hand in canadian goose jacket hand with keeping the goose outlet canada longer strokes canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet canada straight. You can see the mat I have canada goose outlet black friday is outlined in boxes which help with canada goose keeping characters in correct proportion, but the paper I using is a little too canada goose clearance thick (imo) which canada goose coats makes it hard to see the boxes through it. As a result I have trouble when writing strokes, most evident in the character. This also leads to the over slanting of some strokes as you pointed out. It is definitely something I working on when I practice.

Regarding canada goose uk shop your other points, I have to canada goose jacket outlet slightly disagree. Tracing is not a good way to practice calligraphy as you tend to focus more on filling in the outlines rather than practicing the correct motion to get the strokes right. I currently use a method called (imitation), where I copy characters from famous works directly onto blank paper. The books are also done using the type of boxes you see on my mat, so a 9square box would be useless for me. Here some examples of characters that I copying:I don think you quite understand what I saying: I not telling you to official canada goose outlet trace or use the 9 squares to fill in canada goose outlet uk sale the lines, I saying that they will help you learn how buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet in usa the proper proportions of canada goose outlet uk the words work together. If you don have a good foundation on the basic shapes/proportions, it won matter if each stroke is pretty individually because they won come together as a canada goose clearance sale whole.

This OR That

Claims are made that snail is good for canada goose factory sale aging as well. I am not sure how canada goose outlet toronto factory much of that claim is true. As for repairing and calming PIE/ allergies/pimples I noticed that snail products do calm them down efficiently. They also provide hydration but that is different with each product.Cosrx advanced snail essence is slimy to touch and on days canada goose coats on sale that I don apply it my skin doesn feel any different (since I have other hydrating essences in my routine).If you are looking to add these for hydration, it is better to go for a hydrating toner (7 skin) or a Scinic AIO. I on my 4th bottle and I love how it provides that first moisterizing step and glow to my skin. I even got my mom and sister hooked on it! After finishing my first bottle of Missha (which was the first FTE I had ever used), I decided Canada canada goose store Goose Outlet to purchased Hera FTE. However, after stubbornly finishing the whole bottle, I thought Hera paled in comparison to Canada Goose Jackets Missha. It provided some moisture canada goose outlet store uk but it didn provide Canada Goose Coats On Sale me canada goose outlet online uk with the same glow I canada goose outlet reviews had with Missha. It did less than nothing, and canadian goose jacket I noticed no canada goose black friday sale difference when canada goose jacket outlet I stopped using it.The snail, on the other hand, my skin is a total princess about. I dared to travel without it last week and my skin was all red and weird by the time I got back. It doesn necessarily prevent acne or anything, but it does a Canada Goose Parka GREAT job canada goose outlet store at soothing redness and irritation.Edit: I don expect instant whitening effects cheap canada goose uk with any Canada Goose sale kind of whitening or brightening product; the brightening ingredients take a canada canada goose uk black friday goose outlet shop while of consistent use to see any results. So I won be choosing based on that. I preferred the Bombee mask because even though it is fragranced, it wasn as overwhelming as the Freeset mask. They both canada goose outlet online have that nice hydrating gel texture and both made my skin feel plump and canada goose outlet jackets hydrated. I think canada goose outlet the effects lasted longer with the Bombee canada goose factory outlet mask, however. I said I wouldn be choosing based on brightening effects, but I will say they both did canada goose leave canada goose outlet uk sale my uk canada goose outlet skin with canada goose clearance sale a temporary brightness (I think it may have been more noticeable with Bombee). I felt a tingling sensation with the Freeset mask, which I thought may have just been the niacinamide, but after seeing these “burning” comments, it could be my sensitive skin reacting to the fragrance. I liked them both, really, but would rather use Bombee because of the slightly lighter fragrance (still heavy, migraineurs beware). canada goose outlet sale cheap Canada Goose I have the Freeset Healing one that I going to try next. :)The secret key is very canada goose outlet uk light and watery, while the cosrx has a thicker texture, official canada goose outlet like an essence. canada goose outlet nyc I would use the secret key before toner, but the cosrx would go after toner.In terms of performance, I not sure if either has done much of anything for my skin. I started using the cosrx when I ran out of the secret key and canada goose Canada Goose online outlet in usa I didn notice much difference canada goose store in my skin.I feel really ambivalent about both products, tbh. I added both to my online shopping carts at various points over the last few months but never actually bought a full size of either. The current plan is to wait canada goose outlet parka until I run out of my decants and see if my glow disappears before making a purchase :)Your English is fine! Fifty shades of snail did canada goose uk outlet a roundup review of a few different essences on her blog, if you canada goose outlet canada want something more in depth. I just looked canada goose uk shop at it again and I almost convinced canada goose outlet new york city to give the secret key another try. Both of these canada goose clearance essences were absolutely fine for me and I seen Canada Goose Online plenty of positive canada goose canada goose coats outlet black friday reviews about them, so canada goose black friday sale if you looking for a first treatment essence, certainly try it out.I guess the main distinction is if you looking for a watery essence (secret key) or a thicker essence with ferments (cosrx). I uk canada goose think that I will probably buy canada goose jacket buy the secret key in the next few months, as I goose outlet canada like the watery texture, especially in the humid summer.The main reason that I haven purchased one of these yet is mainly because my oily buy canada goose jacket cheap skin became quite dehydrated this winter, so I been layering on toners for the last few months for hydration.

Canada Goose Outlet Store In Chicago Vkdpi

Vancouver’s Manneh from heaven was just one more late, great MLS goal

There are worse things to be plagued by than late-match drama, but in a turn that hints at a new level of parity in Major League Soccer, Saturday’s slate provided another set of late, game-changing goals.

Our normal co-pilot Graham Parker highlighted the phenomenon before, but on Saturday the plague reached delightfully epidemic proportions. Across an exhausting nine-match day, seven goals were scored after the 75th minute, six of them changing the way points were distributed.

The most dramatic result may have been in Columbus, but thanks to a beguiling decision from referee Juan Guzman, the Crew-DC United rematch gets its own section below. Besides, the extent to which Hctor Jimnez’s late winner beats out the two late goals at BC Place is debatable. With Kekuta Manneh’s 86th-minute goal pulling back the lead Robbie Keane gave LA in the 77th, the Whitecaps were able to take a point from the visiting Galaxy, even if Bruce Arena’s side continued to impress with its new midfield diamond.

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In Dallas (Blas Prez, 88), Salt Lake (Ned Grabovoy, 78), and Los Angeles (Obafemi Martins, 81), late goals broke prolonged standoffs, allowing the Western Conference’s best to turn one point into three.

More broadly, however, it’s worth considering whether this is part of a larger trend. In theory, if parity truly is on the rise, closer games would increase the probability of dramatic goals. If equality buy canada goose jacket online canada means teams are more likely to stay within one goal over 75 minutes, late scores have a better chance of changing outcomes, even if those goals are not necessarily more frequent.

It’s a phenomenon that would also be reflected in the standings. If play is more even, there are going to be more draws best canada goose, something we have indeed seen through the season’s first seven weeks. Less than a fifth of the way through the season, MLS’s draw rate has increased dramatically, from 22.6% in last year’s 646 games to 40.3% in 124 matches this year.

In an era where the financial divide between haves and have nots is more than a whispered concern, it’s an unexpected and potentially encouraging change. It certainly hasn’t hurt the product on the field. Still, we’re only seven weeks into the season. If the draws and late goals are pouring in come July, we can consider whether stereotyped parity of MLS is starting to manifest itself in a different form.

No place for Law 12 in Columbus

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While it may have been the most dramatic of Saturday’s goals, Hctor Jimnez’s late equalizer was also the day’s most controversial, and not because of anything related to the actual goal. From Wil Trapp’s forced turnover, to the ensuing diagonal out wide, to Jimnez’s cut on to his right foot, Columbus’s 90th-minute goal was well executed if uncontested, and it gave an Andrew Dykstra little chance to secure DC United’s third-straight win.

Instead, the controversy came 17 minutes earlier, with referee Guzman turning his back on the obvious goalscoring opportunity guidelines to leave Giancarlo Gonzlez on the field.

Gonzlez may be in his first season in MLS, but he has been capped 31 times by the Costa Rican national team and the 26-year-old defender knows the rules. He knows pulling down an opponent in that situation is going to be a red card, just as he knows, down 1-0 in the 73rd-minute, it’s probably a decent sacrifice to make. Columbus had a better chance of claiming a point down one and playing 10-on-11 than down two playing at even strength.

Thanks to Guzman’s generosity, however, Gonzlez’s choice turned out to be a false one. Inexplicably, given Fifa’s guidelines, Gonzlez was only shown yellow, even though Eddie Johnson’s position, direction, and control met all the “DOGSO” criteria:

The distance between the offense and the goalThe likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ballThe direction of the playThe location and number of defendersThe offence that denies an opponent an obvious goalscoring opportunity may be an offense that incurs a direct or an indirect free kick

The criteria are not included to explain a situation we can judge without Law 12 in hand. They are included to highlight the inanity of Guzman’s choice, an indiscretion exasperated by Jimnez’s equalizer. Losing Bernardo A?or to a dangerous play foul later in the half, the Crew were playing 10-on-11 when Jimnez scored. Playing 9-in-11? They probably don’t draw the game.

These are not the types of decisions the Professional Soccer Referees Association needs, coming off a labor dispute. If MLS and the Professional Referee Organization’s implicit contention was that PSRA was not worth what the union best canada goose jacket womens was demanding, the referees have failed to prove otherwise. Between this, Houston defender Kofie Sarkodie’s second yellow card for time wasting (during a 0-0 in Philadelphia, mind you), and Ricardo Salazar’s red card of David Horst three weeks ago, MLS’s referees are still in preseason form.

Seattle’s stars living up to their price tags

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Giorgio Locatelli’s Italian Christmas recipes


Many families will prepare this first thing on Christmas morning and then leave it to roast while they are at church. It’s the perfect dish for sharing.

SERVES 4C6aubergines 3, preferably the round, pale violet ones sea salt unsalted butter for greasing 2 tbspbreadcrumbs 5 tbspolive oilonion 1 medium, thinly slicedgarlic clove 1, can you wash a canada goose parka crushed tin of chopped tomatoes 1 x 400grigatoni or penne rigate 400gcaciocavallo or pecorino cheese 60g, sliced

Cut the aubergines into thin slices, sprinkle with salt and leave to drain in a colander for at least 2 hours. Squeeze lightly to get rid of the excess liquid.

Preheat the oven to 180C/gas mark 4. Grease a round cake tin or tart tin, about 25cm diameter and 3-4cm deep, then put in 2 tbsp of breadcrumbs and shake and turn the tin so that the breadcrumbs cling to the butter and line the tin.

Heat buy canada goose jacket in canada about 6mm of olive oil in a deep frying pan and saut the aubergine slices in batches until lightly coloured. Lift out, drain on kitchen paper, then, using about three-quarters of the aubergines, overlap the slices over the base and around the sides of the greased and breadcrumbed tin.

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morrison reigns in the sunshine

canada goose store Black bellied Whistling Ducks and Hooded Merganser Ducks have been around in the local ponds and small lakes here. I enjoy watching both but tend to be really wowed by the brown, black and white cuties with their vivid pink bills (you know which I mean). Yes, the ducks here are charming! The Hooded Mergansers are migratory here while the whistlers may be local to the region.. canada goose store

uk canada goose outlet That’s when he started the monthly “Meet a Muslim” events, inviting non Muslims to sit around a table with Muslims and just talk about current events, their families, their faith, anything. The events, which are free and open to the public, have been at locations including an Islamic Center, a church and a synagogue. The first drew about 200 people and subsequent events have brought in about 150 each.. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose black friday sale Now the RNC has escalated the fight by adding to this evening’s speaking roster someone potentially more important than either John McCain or Barack Obama. And Redskins fans pray possibly during halftime of the game. Gibbs appears to have been added late to the program, as canadagoosetomall the original schedule released by the RNC earlier today did not include the God of Washington Football (no word on whether he will be introduced as such tonight). canada goose black friday sale

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Canada Goose online The remaining members of the much discussed caravan of Central American migrants arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, last weekend to seek asylum in the United States. In part, it’s a serious conversation about how to respond to migration trends, including fewer economic migrants from Mexico and more asylum seekers from Central America. But it is also laced with political rhetoric that is not always firmly grounded in the truth. Canada Goose online

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